Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Realization

I pride myself on my humor, particularly the self-depreciating zingers I can often use. I love laughing at myself. I guess you could say, I'm my most favorite subject to ridicule. Most of my friends laugh along right with me, knowing that I'm really NOT an idiot, I just play one for fun.

However, complete strangers don't know this and I think I've done myself a disservice. Here's why -- Some of my class mates don't take me seriously. One of my lab partners had a question, she asked everyone but me. And I knew the answer. When no one else could answer, I told her mine. She reread the question and realized that yes, I was right. She was a bit perplexed at my being right. More importantly, this was not the first time. Yowzaa. What a light bulb moment for me. My feelings weren't even hurt, I did this to myself.

I'm glad I learned this lesson now, because once in the work force, particularly as a nurse, the appearance of confidence is going to be very important. The patients will be looking to me for help, not for a good laugh. I do think at the right moments my sense of humor will be helpful, but mostly confidence and caring should be at the forefront of my personality.

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Lisaopolis said...

hahahah, this totes describes my teaching today, jeesh, total mess. The students were spaztic and lethargic all at once, it was...'unique'. I felt like everything I said was ignored or...just dumb.