Friday, November 05, 2010

Life is full of embarrassments, this is just one of those moments

I'm going to share one of those really embarrassing stories. Mostly because I have nothing else to write about...that is unless you really want to know about everything I learned at the Nephrology Nursing workshop I attended Okay, this really is more funny; it's one of those embarrassing moments that will pop in my head from time to time (even though it was ages and ages ago) that simultaneously make me laugh and blush at the same time.

About 100 years ago, Jason and I went out with our friends Will and John (Yes, we were friends with a gay couple, way before Will and Grace made it popular, we were such trend-setters). We went to an improv performance of a small independent theater company that performed in this tiny dark theater on 17th ave (oh my gosh we were so cool in our 20's). Before the actual performance began, some guy was 'warming' up the audience by asking us questions and then the audience would yell out our answers collectively.

Where do you live?

Everyone shouted: Denver

What high school did you go to?

(an aside here, why isn't high school a compound word? It really should be...highschool, so much easier)

Everyone shouted out the name of their high school

Who was the first person you slept with?

I shouted
not everyone
just me



Our high school prom picture (not saying this the THE night)....Jason and I are in the back with the 'rad' eighties gray tux and pink satin dress -- and yes, it actually WAS the 80's -- so we come by that awesome dorkiness honestly.


Rock Chef said...

Haha, classic.

This is the sort of thing I would do too!

Bridgett said...

At least it wasn't some other name and therefore a big surprise. But yeah, that's the kind of thing I would do. Just the other day my pastor had me smell this coffee creamer he had in his fridge and then pointed to the front, to the picture of star anise. And I said, "star anus." I could have melted into the dang floor.

Colleen O said...

hehe - awh - come on! You've got WAY more embarassing stuff than that and I know it!!!

tz said...

@ Rock Chef, glad I am not alone, @ Bridgette, om gosh that is funny, color me red if I ever said 'anus' in front of our pastor @ colleen....shhhh, what is said in coffee group should stay in coffee group...

the cape on the corner said...

ha! that rocks! i am always afraid at comedy shows that they'll pick me to talk to all night, you know? i never make eye contact, lol!

mb said...

That's great! I do stuff like that too! Ex: At my first catholic mass (I was raised southern baptist)I didn't realize that "Peace be with you" is the expected greeting to those around you. I turned to the older couple next to me and loudly said "Hi, how ya doing?" The woman's response was a mere smirk and as she turned to the other couple. Needless to say, anyone remotely near turned to see who the moron was... a redfaced ME!

Sandra said...

What a cute couple! At least you didn't yell someone else's name! :)