Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 2, Whale Watching

Yesterday we took a great walk up the beach, while sipping our coffee and the kids let the surf chase them back up, completely relaxing and idyllic (and a great work-out for the calves). Jake left his water socks on the beach and the surf claimed them into the sea, just like that (which gave this mama nightmares about the ocean doing this to her children, but that's a whole other therapy session or five?). Then the kids did an introductory demonstration on snuba at the hotel pool. They are hooked; they and Jason are there now. I don't put my head all the way under water and I breath AIR, I'm a land creature...scuba or snuba not my thing...I will snorkel. If you haven't guessed, vacationing with a bunch of neurosis can really dampen the fun...thankfully, Jason has the boys. In the afternoon we went whale watching with Pacific Whale Foundation Eco Adventures

These are humpback whales. They got so close to the boat the captain had to turn off the engines. This isn't a great shot of the whales but with the people on the boat it gives you an idea how close they were.

The scene while boarding the dock, there is nothing that's not picturesque on this island.

The whale hitting the water with his tale.

Off in the distance this is a calf, breaching the water.

Lahaina Harbor.

So small world, the captain of the boat graduated from the same land-locked Colorado high school that I did (four years later so did not know him). His uncles went the the same high school Jason did.

I wish I could say I enjoyed this more, but I was crouched down in the back of the boat trying to (and was successful) not provide the fish with more bait. Sipping of ginger ale and nibbling on ginger was not that effective, nor was the Dramamine. The bride to be, Emily (Jason's cousin and the reason we are here) was right there with me, as was our oldest, Jake. I was able to open my eyes long enough to see the two huge humpbacks right there next to the boat, AMAZING. Then promptly closed my eyes and most likely moaned as another wave of nausea hit me. Jason, every so often would pat me on the shoulder as he passed by me while running around the boat trying to see whales. Later he said he was sorry he didn't get a good picture of Jake and I doubled over. Seriously? I say, thank goodness.

Afterwards we went to dinner at this great place right on the ocean with great views of the water and the sunset. We joined in with Jason's aunt, LJ and uncle Bob (seriously doesn't EVERYONE have an uncle Bob?) and their friends from Boston, Erika and Jim. Erika is officiating the wedding. Lovely company. Being on land and a coke helped the tummy issues so wonderful ending to a great (even though queasy) day.

Erika, LJ (mom of the bride), Mike (groom), Emily (bride) and Bob (dad of the bride)

Just some pretty flowers....the lushness of this island is gorgeous!


Martha said...

That's my fear of the $ only to be sick most of the time. At least this one was a limited experience and not too big of a drain on the wallet just to sit and hope your lunch stays down.
Hawaii is sounding like exactly what the entire Zimmer family needed (well, minus the sea-sickness!) Don't forget to come home, ok?

Rock Chef said...

I really want to go whale watching one day.

A friend of mine went on a whale watching holiday in South Africa a few years ago, and he never came back! He is still in Cape Town watching whales...

Colleen O said...

Plumerias, Magnolias, I can almost smell them! OK, next up is the Black Rock luau if my obsession with YOUR trip is correct - I can almost taste it!