Thursday, March 17, 2011

potd -- time for Botox?

I don't actually spend a lot of time looking at myself, don't normally wear make up, and when I do, my glasses are usually off when I'm applying and I just see a pleasant haze. Well the other day I caught a look at myself in the rear view mirror and saw how angry I looked, so I tried to relax my expression and all the creases STAYED....AHHHHHH, not only that, little tiny brown specks all over my cheeks, freckles? Do olive-skinned people even get freckles? Is it better to say freckles then say age spots?

So what should it be, micro-derm abrasion, botox, bangs, or whatever else is out there?

And there it is ......... I'm turning into my mother.

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Amanda said...

I have this evil, brownish splotch on my chin. It's light, but it's there along with a smaller, darker one on my jawline and some obnoxious little freckles under my eyes.

I am not a fan of aging.