Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Two blog entries in one day...yikes I must be procrastinating...

I've been seeing all these recipes on Follow Me on Pinterest that use a can of coke or Dr. Pepper in some crock pot dish.  I kept thinking how gross that was....but can that many pinners and bloggers be wrong?

I guess not.  
I just tried this awesome recipe that I found on Follow Me on Pinterest but originally came from the Sweet and Savory Blog it's for Pulled Pork Sandwiches.

I originally pinned this recipe because my kids were saying things like, "chicken again, mom" in a whiney voice.  Or if they were at the super market with me and I put chicken in the basket they'd run screaming from the meat aisle.  They would look longingly at steak, or hamburger and then turn their puppy dog eyes at me in hope.  I guess we've been eating a lot of chicken recently.

Last night I made this recipe and we had it today....kids and hubby gave it a thumbs up.  And the best part? Ridiculously freakin' easy! I mean easy for even a crock pot recipe.  I will so do this again.

You can find the original recipe here or you can Follow Me on Pinterest and check out the link from my 'tried it recipe' board.

Here's how I changed the recipe to suit our family and frankly to use what we had in our pantry.

2 lbs pork loin roast
1/2 bottle of Stubbs Hickory BBQ sauce 
1 can of Coke (original recipe called for diet, I didn't feel good about cooking with aspartame, especially for my family so used regular Coke - she seemed to get a lot of flack for that on the comments on her blog...so that I don't sound like a hater...this is just a decision I made for my family, should you choose the diet, and decide to tell me about it, I won't judge -- especially because I served this with canned  -gasp- beans so I have no room to judge)
Mexican Spice Blend (because I didn't have Lawry's seasoned salt in my pantry, I have star anise and fennel -- but not something as basic as Lawry's, what can I say, I'm a freak)

Crock pot on low for 8-10 hours or high for 6-7 hours (original recipe said 3-4 hours, so I started this after work and at 7 it still wasn't tender-use-a-fork-to-shred-tender so we cooked it for another 3 hours and we had cereal for dinner.  This was yummy the next day though and that extra time was well worth it)

Shred pork, add rest of BBQ sauce and serve on toasted buns.



Sweet and Savory Eats said...

So glad your family enjoyed this recipe!

Unknown Mami said...

Just followed you on Pinterest. I could use some cooking inspiration always.