Friday, February 07, 2014

no spend February - bag lunching it

So a week into it -- we're not doing too badly, haven't really felt the 'pinch' so much.  There were a couple of times I really wanted to head over to Starbucks but I just made myself a cup of coffee and that was just as good. Well not really but it gave me my warm soothing caffeine fix. The first day I forgot I wasn't going to use the toll road and ended up on the toll road on the way to Costco but on our way back home used the more scenic longer route.  I also used the toll road one other time -- I accidentally left some narcotics in my pocket and didn't realize it until I got home (UGH) and I was soooooo tired. Like on my third night shift in a row tired. So instead of taking the long way to work, I took the direct toll road so I could get back to the hospital as quickly as I could, returned the meds and came home and fell asleep -- like fell asleep still in my scrubs AND coat.

The boys ran out of their lunch money -- so they get to brown bag it from now on -- not a bad lunch. I actually think it'll be healthier for them if we make their lunches.  I'm just going to have to be less lazy and get them their lunches made --- or better yet, let them make their own lunches -- but then if they did that they would just take a bag of chips.

Jason and I went to a funeral today. It was for a brother of one of my high school friends. He died of a stroke (only three years older than myself). He had kids my kids' ages. It was so sad to see how devastated they were by the loss of their father. It was lunch time when we were leaving and Jason mentioned he had a gift certificate for Bonefish Grill. We weren't really ready to go home yet, we wanted to just spend some time together after the funeral.  So we drove by and saw they were open. Turns out this was their 'soft' opening for lunch (they were only open during dinners before) and the whole menu was free.

FREEEeeeee wheeeee

so for 7 dollars for the tip we got a fabulous meal!

If you ever go there, try the edamame hummus.

What have I learned so far:
1. I only get to work like a couple minutes later by using side roads instead of toll roads -- will keep going that way
2. Probably won't save any money on heating bills by going down in temp (or at least feel like it) because it's been so cold our heater has been on non-stop (13 below --brrrr) we still have it set at 66.
3. We didn't go into over draft before we got paid today -- it's been awhile since we didn't dip into over draft (we were really close -- but never dipped down).
4. We're not going to get away without having to buy a garage door opener this month (insert frowny face).
5. Found a target gift certificate so got 15 dollars off of our last grocery trip.....I don't know why I never use gift certificates -- but it's working in our favor this month because it's helping us out in no spend February.
6. The kids aren't really complaining yet about it (this may change by the end of the month).

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Martha said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job on your spending reductions! Oh how I love that toll road, until I see my statement and think UH OH, did I really need to get to Costco 5 minutes sooner than I would using side streets?

Hang in there~