Saturday, September 26, 2009

my vegan challenge is turning more into a vegetarian challenge

It is really really hard to eat out during this challenge. Yesterday we took a group of kiddos to Casa Bonita to celebrate Jake's and a couple others 10th birthdays (yes, his real birthday was a few months ago.....with studying for the boards, Jason's Achilles' tendon deal, looking for a job, Isaac being on swim team and Jake doing baseball....I was a little out of my mind this summer...and now it's Isaac's birthday and Jake pleaded, cajoled and guilted me into making sure I had his birthday BEFORE ISAAC's....and Isaac's is, oh TODAY.....argggg...anyhow, the kids have forgiven me, I hope to forgive myself in the next twenty or so years). Those of you not from Colorado, or ever been here, Casa Bonita is a, ahem - well, an experience. You don't go there for the Mexican food. Truthfully, you could get better Mexican food in a remote Canadian village. I kid you not when I tell you that you could taste the plastic in the cheese. But they do have bottomless sopapillas and lots of honey. Side note: we may have built up the sopapilla factor because when Isaac picked up his first ever, he said, 'what's the big deal, this is just bread!' As soon as we pointed out the honey, he became more satisfied. Anyhow, the point.....there was nothing, NOTHING I could order and you HAVE to order to get in. So I decided to go more vegetarian then vegan and ordered the cheese enchilada platter that came with two beef enchiladas....took one bite of the cheese enchilada....GAROSS (do NOT remember the food being that disgusting when I was a kid????) and so pretty much paid $11.95 for some rice and beans, and of course sopapillas. The company was great (the moms from coffee club, and Jason, who we called Big Love for the day), the kids (13 in all) had a wonderful time so it was all well worth it in the end. This may sound like a bad review, but seriously, Casa Bonita is a place you have to experience at least once in your life....order the taco salad, the meat comes on the side...if I had only known....

And now today....Cloudy, With a Chance of Meatballs....with some seven year the Movie Tavern. Again, nothing, NOTHING to eat if you're doing a stupid-vegan-Dr.-Oz-freakin'-sadist-challenge. So, again went more vegetarian and had a gross cheese pizza with a wilted dinner salad. The kiddos tried the special meatball pizza in honor of the movie. Oh and by the way, ADORABLE movie. Although, the main character reminded me a bit too much of all of his quirkiness. The kids enjoyed it.

Lessons learned....lentil soup is actually sounding better and better (holy cow did I just type that and MEAN it?). I need to get more organized. And going Vegan is really really hard!

Some shout outs to those who have been blogging and have written some funny stuff -- to make up for me being so BAAAD at blogging:

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Martha said... what does a Vegan pack in her emergency food kit? That's probably something to think about, eh?

I admire your determination!

Amanda said...

I admire you for doing the challenge. I'm going to stick with mine of trying to run myself into a heart attack or something, because to me even severe physical trauma is more livable than giving up meat, LOL.

You rock, lady :)

Rock Chef said...

Trying to eat out as a vegan - NOOOOOO!!!!

Like the others, I am full of admiration, no matter how misguided I think you are :-)

Colleen O said...

That just makes me want to have a steak and egg omelet for breakfast!

Jack and Jill said...

You can SO do this!! I'm vegan, have been for about 18 months, and was vegetarian for a year before that. It's true that eating out is much easier when you're vegetarian, but there are more and more restaurants offering vegan food these days than ever. AND, if you go to a semi-nice restaurant, usually if you tell the waiter you're vegan, the chef will prepare something special (try it--can't hurt to ask, and it lets them know that there's demand)! Choosing to be vegan was the best decision I ever made. AND, my 60 year old father who's suffered from heart problems recently went "90% vegan" because his doctor told him to. In 6 months, he lost 26 lbs and REVERSED much of his heart damage. It's soooo great! Email me if you need any tips, I love meeting other vegans or vegan-wannabes!! GOOD LUCK!

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