Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vegan Challenge

OH MY's been awhile, I know. I've been trying to get a job....and get this-- that whole nursing shortage IS A MEAN BAD JOKE! Well at least in Denver. I'm taking a couple days off of the whole looking thing and think I may do this: Dr. Oz's 28 day Vegan challenge Hey, if this meat and potatoes hardworkin' cowboy can do it....then I should be able to do it too....well in theory. So I started the day with my Latte but had them make it with soy milk and did NOT use any sugar or sugar substitute, then had some whole wheat toast with almond butter and an apple for breakfast. So far, not bad, but then I'm only in hour 12 of the 28 DAY challenge. If any of you out there have any vegan recipes....hand them over!

I wonder how Jason's going to feel about this?

Whatever, he can have meat at lunch.

Anyhow, this and maybe some kick boxing....I have to get into of the jobs I've applied for is in the Department of Corrections, where part of the job descriptions states, 'needs to kick above the waist and be able to use a baton in a striking manner' ..... never thought I'd see that for an RN position, but hey, I guess empathy isn't one of the major requirements for prison nurses.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and if you hear of any RN positions in the Denver area, keep me in mind!


OHN said...

Wow. We are always hiring in this region. Even having signing bonuses from what I hear.

You may want to stay jobless if the only thing open is for the D.O.C....That can be one awful job. You wouldn't believe what those guys do to themselves just to get some time out of the cell and into the infirmary. Not pretty.

terri said...

The D.O.C. job sounds seriously scary. I hope you can find something else.

Amanda said...

I'll third what everyone else has said about the DcC. Yipes!!

Good luck on the vegan challenge, by the way :) I'm working on one of those "couch-to-5K" programs, so we'll see how it goes LOL

Karla said...

Vegan Planet by Robin Robertson is the vegan recipe Bible. I bought a copy two years ago and really appreciate how she goes into detail about things like tofu and tempah and seitan. I'm sure you could get a copy at the library. The thing with fixing vegan recipies that supries me the most was that I usually ended up spending less...of course my husband and older daughter complained, but trying new recipes can be quite fun.

As for the job search...good luck. I've found at my hospital that it tends to go in waves. We'll have four pages of RN jobs one day and 1/2 a page the next.

Rock Chef said...

Good luck with the job hunting!

Vegan? NOOOO!!!! That is insane, the human body wasn't designed for it!

However, my wife used to have a really good recipe for vegan chocolate cake. I will see if she still has it - you might need it my the 3rd week!

Dodi said...

My friend, Michele, is Vegan. She has a kickin body! She has a personal trainer... but she does look better now that she is vegan. Don't tell her I told you this, as I tell her she's CRAZY! (I swear she lives on lentils, tomatoes, and soy.) Middle eastern food will help you through this.

Martha said...

YES, she's back to blogging!

Good Luck on the Vegan diet...I think it will help you to have something to distract you to the worries that I know are weighting you down emotionally!

I'll support you emotionally, but sorry...gonna pass on joining in this challenge as well! :)

Hugs to you...keep blogging, ok?

Dad.. said...

Good luck with the job search. Northern Colorado seems to have lots of nursing jobs. My wife works for Banner Health and says staffing is always short nurses. Of course... Weld/Larimer County is A LOT different from Denver.


Gina Grace said...

'needs to kick above the waist and be able to use a baton in a striking manner' Holy awesome! I love it! But watch some OZ episodes before signing anything... (In terms of "striking manner" can that just be using the baton with a certain panache, beauty and style, or are they going to be all literal and require you to actually HIT someone with it??)

Yeah- middle eastern food will be your friend. And Indian food too! (not that it's all vegan per say, but it will be easier to find some good vegan recipes/menu items here)

Lentils ROCK! I mean, you have to make them rock, but they're willing accomplices.

We've been eating a lot less meat these days, and it's been a good thing. More room on the plate for vegetables ( Luckily I love vegetables) and it let's me give myself permission to eat avocados with reckless abandon!

I had a cheeseburger at a Mariners game the other day for lack of a better sounding option and it was GROSS (and cost $16!). Had been under the heat lamp way too long and had a lot in common with shoe leather. It was a good reminder that most of the meat I'd been eating was really poorly done anyway and I'm happier without it.

A good steak every now and again, or a fantastic pork chop? Yes please! But reconstituted "grilled chicken" on an airport cesar salad? Nah.

Okay, going to sign off from longest comment ever.