Friday, March 16, 2012

Time for a letter, two in fact

Dear Little Ol' Lady with a Walker,
Please, dear God, use a cross walk.  I'm not fond of slamming on my breaks in the middle of a busy street as you meander across the road.  I get the feeling you feel like you've paid your dues and the rest of us can go f*&k ourselves because you're going to cross the street wherever you damn well please.  I get that.  I agree with it.  You are entitled, you've lived a long life, you've probably lived with deprivation, through wars, and you've probably lost a lot of people in your life.  You are entitled.  I just don't want to live with knowing I hit someone.  So it's not that I don't respect your life and your choices, I just don't want to be the one responsible for ending that life.  So, Please Please, use a cross walk and walk with the light.  I won't even be mad if I have to stay there awhile while you cross....I'd even smile and wave at you.

Concerned Citizen

Dear A$$hole in the big diesel truck behind me,

Were you honking at the little ol' lady crossing the street? Because I'm pretty sure your honking wasn't going to make her move any faster.  Get over yourself already.  Were you honking at me? Because, as much as I disagreed with her decision, I wasn't going to run over her. That punishment -- doesn't quite fit that crime. Seriously, take a chill pill already, that whole two minutes was not going to affect you, you weren't going in a direction of a hospital, you didn't have a siren on you big ol' fancy truck, that I daresay hasn't even seen mud (you didn't look that tough) and there wasn't any other traffic, you could have easily swung into the other lane, that the little ol' lady had already gone through and passed us both.

You were just being mean.

Don't be mean.

Concerned Citizen


Rock Chef said...

The ones that really bug me are the iPod-wearing teenagers who just step out without even glancing to see if anything is coming.

Sadly they do die from time to time - I feel for the parents and the drivers who hit them.

Amanda said...

Awesome on both :)

ganelle said...

Almost ran over a little girl in the church parking lot this morning as she jumped out in front of my car. YIKES! I was more scared than she was.