Thursday, February 23, 2012

easy peasy breakfast

I did not actually get this one off of Pinterest. Anyone else love those breakfast sausage biscuits from McDonald's? Anyone even willing to admit it.  I do!  They 'stick to your ribs'. After one of those I don't need to eat for hours. And...breakfast is the most important meal of the day -- But I don't like how bad they are for you.  

So here's my version -- granted, still not the healthiest, but better.  Takes almost no prep time -- seriously ripping open a couple packages and throwing something into the oven and microwave. It's high in protein and a moderate amount of calories.  AND -- real biscuits.

 Have you seen these mini biscuits? They're real, you get that biscuit flavor and texture but better portion control.

The biscuits take 17 minutes in a 350 degree oven, and the sausage 70 seconds in the microwave.
 Serving size is two biscuits, we only use one.  It's enough, you get that biscuit flavor with just one.  So using one biscuit and two turkey sausages your calorie intake is 210 kcal, 10 fat gams, 14.5 protein g  & 11 carbs.
I'm not claiming it's a health food, but it's a better choice than the McDonald's sausage biscuit (430 kcal, 27 fat grams, 34 carbs & 11 g protein).  Even if you are one of those people who never ever crave them.

The kids love them too!


Amanda said...

Dangit, it's lunch time and you've made me hungry on the day I have to pick up my older son's birthday present -- 13, oh holy crud -- before I can eat. RATS! LOL (and yes those sound great)

Rock Chef said...

Sausage biscuits? Don't think they ever made it over here. They try to pretend their stuff is all healthy and good for you - fruit juice and carrot sticks to go with the Happy Meal, etc.