Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Foliage -Two Weeks Too Late -Boreas Pass/Breckenridge

 Sigh....This year just got away from us and we missed peak Aspen changing season.  To get the idea of what peak Aspen season looks like take a look at last year's day trip.  We caught a tree here and there, but we didn't get that "wow" and "woo" you get as you drive along the pass when you are enveloped by gold.
 Boreas Pass, connects South Park to Breckenridge. We like to get there via 285, end up in Breck and have lunch in our favorite place, The Motherload. Then we take I-70 home. The picture above is on the Breckenridge side of the Pass.
 And if you clicked on the link from last year you'll see nothing has changed with my children cooperating with giving me a great picture...The elder made me promise not to post on Facebook. However, he never said anything about my blog....
 Seriously, not even a smile....sigh. 13 -- fun at times, frustrating at others....
 Younger one, punching older one pretty much ended the photo shoot and who was I kidding, it was over before it started. They of course both laughed hysterically.  Boys are so weird. (He didn't punch hard, it was more shock value).
 Breckenridge...great mountain town.  We feel blessed to live is such a great state. It's beautiful even if you miss peak season.
Part of the reason we're so busy all the time is because of the kids and their sports...the week before Isaac had a karate tournament, Jake had practices and games (baseball).  Jake had practice at 3pm yesterday, so we started our day out at 8....I kept asking Jason if it was a good idea to stop for lunch and he kept telling me not to worry, it's only an hour back.  Just before we ordered dessert, I assured him I thought he right, but could he check again any way.  He got on his phone and says, "hmmm, it says two hours -- strange, it must be wrong"  That's my husband.  The kids pouted for a second (because they fell asleep) because they couldn't get the indoor S'mores -- one of the main reasons to go to the Motherload. But we got Jake to practice 10 minutes late (it took us an hour and 50 minutes to get home...hmmmm).

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retired not tired said...

Even our fall foliage will not be as good this year. They say it is because the summer was hot and dry. I miss the colours.

Heather Smith said...

Beautiful shots! I live vicariously through blog friends to see the colors change, because the trees are still green here in SC

Martha said...

Looks like a fun day. Dom made the similar trip, only took the opposite loop. He was pleased with the colors: as we had been told not to anticipate much color because of the weather. Brave Tracey for taking the kids!

Unknown Mami said...

Love the changing leaves. Terrified of the teenage years.