Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches....

Yesterday, have no idea how to impart what a bad day it was...but I'll try. The night before, Zac woke up screaming. I figured it was a nightmare, but as I was holding him, he threw up. Changed both of us, changed his sheets, gave him medicine and did that a couple more times that night. I woke up yesterday, TIRED (oh, TMJ thing still hurting, but calmed down to just some spasms and general ache, lucky me). Made an appointment with the pediatrician, then went upstairs to collect laundry. Hannah got up onto the counter and tore into two -12 oz bags of chocolate chips. So I call the Vet, he told me to take her into the clinic. But I have sick child who had appointment in half an hour. Threw Zac who was pajamas and spiderman slippers into the car, got Hannah into the car and drove to the clinic. In the parking lot, I took a spill, ok, face plant, and brought Zac down with me. Both of us were kneeling on the ground, Zac was crying, I wanted to cry and Hannah thought we were playing and started jumping all over us. Got her into the clinic, told the story, they took her back to get her stomach pumped, Zac and I got back into the car to go to the pediatricians office. In the waiting room I sat next to a new baby and its mother. Baby just upchucked all over itself and new mother, she's got stuff hanging off her hands, all over the baby and all over her lap. And she promptly burst into tears (I had post partum just looking at her) so I got up to get her a bunch of Kleenex and helped her wipe down until the nurse came out to help her. Zac got in, he has some icky upper respiratory thing that's going around and needs an inhaler for the next week or so (a quick thanks here that it's not strep). Go back to Vet clinic and the Vet tells me she was amazed how many chocolate chips were in the dog's stomach. They wanted to keep her there the rest of the day, give her some charcoal and some IV fluids. So Zac and I go to the store so I can pick up his Rx. We're at the pharmacy and I'm asking about cough medicine, she tells me where it is and Zac starts retching, pharmicist throws me a bag, I catch it and we catch Zac in time (woo hoo) guy behind Zac makes nasty comment...OH WELL. Other pharmacy tech, gets me the medicine I want from the aisle and pats me on the back, I tell the story about Hannah and I get the ooohs and aaahs about what a bad day I'm having and I feel so much better. Zac got a sucker and he's feeling better. We go home. I go to roast the pecans for some fudge I'm making (oh yeah, giving a party in two days) and forgot to turn off the oven and burned them. Then went to pick up Jake, there was a typo and karate started yesterday and so was there 45 minutes early. Bring him home, picked up Hannah, who is thankfully OK. Made dinner. Jason came home and I said, 'homework still needs to be done, Here's Zac's medicine, I'm going shopping' Finished shopping for the food, got everything on my list. Then I came home and realized I didn't buy the replacements for the chocolate chips that Hannah ate....ARGGGGGG. OH WELL. So I took my Vicoden and went to sleep (well for about an hour then Zac woke up crying and throwing up so again no sleep) But darn it, I'm looking forward to this party and I'm still cleaning and cooking because I plan on having a good time with my gal pals exchanging ornaments and eating!
But you know, I didn't cry, didn't even eat the WHOLE bag of oreos, just a few. I pretty much just laughed at the end of the day. Sometimes laughter IS the best medicine.


Gina said...

Eeeks. Good thing that day is over! Hopefully the next one like it won't be around for quite some time.

Congrats on not crying- I would have been in tears by the fall in the garage with jumping dog.

(ps- do you have doggy health insurance yet?? I highly recommend it.)

Martha said...

I'm guessing there was no time for tears: gotta just keep on moving forward!
Hugs to you and forgive me if I pass on Zac attacks for awhile... :)