Thursday, May 17, 2007

Volunteer Nazis

Busy busy day yesterday and I was feeling like crappola, a couple decades of not sleeping well will do that to you. Got Jake to baseball practice, he's doing great and more importantly he has fun doing it and likes the guys on his team and the coach. I like the moms on the team --even better! Jason got off work early to watch and I ran to the grocery store. I actually COOKED dinner last night-- chicken curry, Jason's favorite. Because of baseball and running to the grocery store, then the sporting good store, dinner was a bit later then usual, 7ish --so I can't quite blame THEM for calling at dinner time, because it wasn't really dinner time, I guess.

So I get this call:
Volunteer Nazi (VN): I have a huge favor to ask of you!
ME: (after a silent prayer that someone wasn't going to ask me to do something) Ummm, what is it?
VN: Could you take over the community welcome baskets (I just got rid of those suckers two months ago!)
ME: No, (did you get that people, I actually said the word NO, how proud are you! save it though because I cave later) No, I can't I've got 8 credit hours this summer, I'm still watching Abi a couple days a week and we're going out of town twice this summer, not to mention, baseball for one and swimming for the other and I'm still volunteering at church and at the school (and I wonder why I have an exhaustion problem)
VN: But it's really easy, it'll hardly take any time at all. And you won't have to come to any social committee meetings.
ME: (wanting to say -- then why don't YOU do it)....sigh --- pause --- sigh, OK, how many are there a month.
VN: we're averaging one a month.
ME: sigh, (another silent prayer here that I can say no again) The classes I'm taking this summer are really hard.
VN: but this is really easy.
ME: Ok, fine (AHHHHHHHH-that's me screaming in my head) but I'm not going to do anything until September -- so don't put anything in the newsletter until then!
VN: Oh, I could kiss you (and if I was a lesbian that would be great, she is pretty, but I'm not and so the WASP side of waspina nature gave her a big ol' no thank you)

So, passive aggressive me will win out and I'm going to start doing those welcome baskets MY WAY.

I did get off easier then colleeno in that I wasn't called a LIAR. These people are relentless! Of course that may come from having such a small volunteer pool. So volunteer people, so I won't have to! --- of course those of you in the community that read this already volunteer, so I'm preaching to the choir.


Martha said...

We simply must chat. Because the person I'm thinking is VN1 is not on my "If I go lesbian, let's make out list". :)

You can outsource to me but don't tell them. I'll be your illegal Chinese worker. Keep me off your books (and thus off their radar) and I"ll do the job for you, ok? :)

tz said...

are you thinking of A? she resigned---which i think may be a good thing---I was thinking of M. Who is a mommy-suburban housewife kinda way...not selma h kind of way.

i may take you up on that offer! actually the part i hate about the welcome baskets is soliciting free gifts from the vendors in the doing it 'my way' would be to bake a loaf of bannana bread, slap a bow on it and hand it to the new owners in the neighborhood and answer any questions they may have. And now that A resigned, no one's going to complain about the way i'm doing it. (fingers crossed)

Colleen Dobson said...

OH!! Your crazy lesbian kissing jokes are finally making sense! I need to go call non VN A and get the scoop on the meeting. I aslo need to concoct a thank you message to put in the newsletter, great. She quits and I still have 2 more months of NL. TZ quit months ago and is being harassed via telephone. Baby steps?

Dodi said...

You know, ladies, there is always room for you on the pool committee if the socials aren't being nice to you! (AND, bonus here, NO welcome baskets OR newsletters!)

Pool Committee! Pool Committee! Pool Committee!!!!!

(Also, no kissing.)