Saturday, June 16, 2007

How is that fair?

I just don't get it sometimes, why some people are treated one way and faced some of the same set of circumstances another person is treated much worse. Our very own National Jewish hospital has been in the news lately because of its new guest, TB patient, Andrew Speaker (and, puhlease isn't Speaker a perfect name for an attorney? He should go into politics, change his middle name to Double....oh I digress). So, he's told to stay put but since it was a suggestion and not an order he gallivants all over Europe, and a border guard, with all of his medical savvy figures Speaker is okay and lets him cross. Speaker goes on a couple transatlantic flights and potentially infects loads and loads of people....and not even potentially, but really scares the crap out of those loads and loads of people

--Another digression, if you're asymptomatic it's very very difficult to spread the disease -- so scare, yes, infect, no.

Then there's This poor schmuck in Arizona, who also has drug-resistant TB, forgets to put on his face mask, he's caught on a convenience store video and is thrown into jail, indefinitely.

It's too bad his new father-in-law isn't a TB expert for the CDC.

OK, off to finish my TB report (thus the above info...not the focus of my report, but do you really want to hear about how the immune function works on Mycrobacterium tuberculosis?) And yeah, it's Saturday night, like I have a life this summer?

and, yes, that was bitter.


Martha said...

Money talks, just ask Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan.

But, for now, focus on the pathology of it all. And save the rest for medical ethics class next summer! :) Access to healthcare: yeah, that one alone will keep you awake at night!

Colleen Dobson said...

I for one am very glad you chose the less scientific focus for your blog. Just looking at the word. . .what was it again? . . . makes me yawn.

Colleen Dobson said...

huh, no ones explained why life isn't fair yet. . . I'll come back later.