Friday, June 15, 2007

one more year!

Today (happy birthday to me) I have exactly one year left of my thirties...WOW. And now officially only 10 years younger then my mother. The big 4-0 is looming ahead of me. I'm a bit excited and a little apprehensive. But then it doesn't really matter how I feel about it, I can't keep it from happening. I think my 40's will be exciting, a new career, my kids older and seeing how they grow and learn more who they will be as adults. Growing closer to my husband. Not taking as much grief from people, being more confident in my own decisions and abilities...heck my forties are going to be great....even so, I still have another year to prepare and frankly tease those of my friends who are already there!


Martha said...

In honor of your special day, the colors will continue to fly!

Happy Birthday!

*and thanks for the reminder, I knew you were a june baby but can't remember when. Baby of course being the operative word, I say with all my 41 yrs of confidence!

Martha said...

Ok, the word verification I just had to type has me giggling...perhaps Colleen will get was TxFuk

Yeah, a poorly spelled F-bomb directed at a Texan we know. I'm killing myself today. It's ok, now that I realize teacher's can be sociopaths too!

And that TZ is your added nursing lesson for the day: no professions is exempt from sociopathic tendancies. Be aware at all times as it may be right under your nose and you never even noticed.

Colleen Dobson said...

You really ought to get some big perk when you hit 40. (I mean something better than - nobody cares what you look like so why should you!) You should get a 10% discount everywhere. Sure, rub it in, you still wouldn't get it for another year!

Lisaopolis said...

Wait, your mom is only ten years younger than you? At this rate, I'm mildly worried that I won't have kids til I'm 40, which will be hard since I'll be too tired and will say things (with martini in hand), "Go play with your Much Younger Father, mommy's got a special headache..."


tz said...

well the much younger husband is pretty interesting! Is this why you haven't been blogging recently?