Saturday, June 02, 2007

Spotlight Meme

I got tagged by Valiens to answer a portion and/or all of the questions posed on Christy's coffee house so here it goes:

What are my feelings on the blog popularity issue:
I had no idea there were popularity contests on blogs, but I figure it's like high school. Your best bet is to do what you love with integrity, be respectful and courteous and not care what others are doing or thinking of you.

Are you a spiritual person:
Yes. I have a strong belief system but do not assume that all people should share that, or think that they are wrong for not believing what I do. It is my choice and it's 'place' from which I gather strength, peace and wisdom. I am not a sheep; I am not chattel; I have been known, on occasion, to even think for myself.

Best/worst qualities:
My best quality is that I know I have no worst qualities
hahaha, I crack myself up. Really, my best quality is that I can laugh at myself, as well as others. I don't take myself or anyone else too seriously and it takes a long time for my fuse to blow, but when it does it leads right to my worst quality. Worst quality is that I hold on to hurts, mull them over, analyze them, share them with all, way too long and too much.

Favorite childhood memory:
Christmastime. Our house would be decorated. We would socialize with a bunch of people. My parents would invite anyone who didn't have a place to go over on Christmas Eve. We would pull out card tables, stack boxes for tables, anything that you could put a table cloth over and we would place them all over the house and decorate each table. One year we had three or four in the living room, a couple in the front hall and in the kitchen. No overhead lights, just candles and lamps and a fire in the fireplace. Then we would leave the house a mess and go to Midnight Mass and St. Johns Cathedral (beautiful Gothic style Episcopal church in Denver). We would come home and my sister and I would open one present each, then go to bed. It was magical.

Okay, I tag all those who even read's not a popular blog, and that's okay, I didn't start blogging to become popular.

NOW, I do believe I've procrastinated enough and I must go work on my pathophysiology.

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