Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Conversations with the Kiddos

son #2: I'm going to marry Abi and we're only going to have one or two kids (in response to son #1 saying he wanted a million kids).
me: Well, don't you think Abi might have something to say about that? (son #2 has a way of declaring his love and insistence of return love and I'm trying to avoid a stalking charge later in his future).
son #2: Mom, we love each other.
Hubby: You haven't even been on a date with her.
son #2: (eyes rolling) Dad, we've been on a million PLAY DATES.

ok then.

And then...in the same car ride....

Son #1: When you guys die we want to live with Colleen
Me: Why not Aunt Shaina and Uncle Glenn, or Ya Ya
Son #1: nah
Me: Ok, what about Uncle Jose and Aunt Gina?
Son #1: Oh, do they have a trampoline?
Me: No, they don't have kids yet.
Son #1: Then no, I want to live with Colleen, she has a trampoline.
Me: Glad you've put a lot of thought into this.
Son #1: heh heh

Yesterday I took a standardized test on fundamentals, a precursor to the NCLEX and I did horribly. That just sucked big time! I hate standardized tests! It was a good kick in the rear though. I think because I was doing pretty well in class I started slacking a bit...time to push forward and kick it up a notch! After we remodel our bathroom, that is....

Hubby is in DC (oh, sorry G&J, he's working like 12 hour days and so decided not to call to tell you he was in town....it's not because you don't have a trampoline) and I can't figure out how to hook the camera up to the computer...so will have to procrastinate posting Halloween pictures, yet again.


Martha said...

Hmm: but G&J are young newlyweds, how do you KNOW they don't have a trampoline (or something equally fun?). Totally teasing, Gina...I don't even know you and I"m picking on you!

Hang in there, and practice, practice, practice. Sadly, study the test as much as the material: figure out what trends the include, how they word the types of questions you get wrong, do you read too much into them, or is it just a slight difference in the right answer and your answer. Become One with the NCLEX! giggle giggle..

And I see from the time stamp on this, Falling Back has made you earlier birds just like us!

Dodi said...

T, you get up too damn early in the morning! Test or no test - you need your sleep! And tests? Are the reason I will not be getting any additional degrees. DH is working on his masters and has so much homework I never get to talk to him anymore.

Are #1 and Abi planning to register? I hear Toys R Us has an excellent bridal registry.

Martha said...

And, they have a baby registry...Oh wait, that would be BabiesRUs....

Just make sure that I get to give the bride and groom their official Zac attacks!!!!!

Gina Grace said...

Wow- its not "if you die" but "WHEN you die"?? They're awfully excited about a trampoline, aren't they?

What if we get a horse, would that increase our nephew ratings? (feel free to just say yes so I can build up my "we need a horse" argument with your brother...)

tz said...

absolutely, a horse would be fantastic..and WHEN we die you can have the boys for free horse stall cleaning labor...
would you like me to pull older sister mode out and yell at him for not fulfilling his husbandly duties in providing his wife with a horse?

Colleen Dobson said...

But Gina, then you would also have to adopt Abigail,(Isaacs betrothed playdate friend - She's PONY girl!)

Aimee said...

At least they know what they want. My DD has to choose between two boys. She's very "confused". See my blog.