Sunday, November 04, 2007

Who are you voting for?

I really don't care who you are voting for. I live here in the burbs, chances are I'm not voting the same as most people here and I still get along with my highly conservative neighbors and fellow church goers....we have spirited, eye-opening and respectful debates about issues. I'm even in a 'mixed' marriage. When asked, he says, "I'm a republican and my wife is just wrong". OK, he makes me laugh even when he's dissing me (is that how you spell it, I'm so bad at gangsta rap).

That aside, I thought this LINK , to take a quiz to find out which candidate is the best fit for you, might be interesting. It was an eye opener for me. I actually haven't heard of the candidate I should choose. Which basically means that chances are the way I WANT THE COUNTRY RUN isn't going to happen until we most likely get a mom and housewife in who can balance the check book AND get the kids to get along (oh oops, tangent). While I was taking the quiz I actually got scared that I might see more eye to eye with my neighbors, fellow church goers and hubby. But true to my form, the majority of issues I saw eye to eye with where the more conservative donkeys and the less conservative elephants. Which leads me to re-solidify my position that we should just start a new party called "The Common Sense" party.
OK, my, very fence-sitting, middle of the road, don't want to make anyone mad, rant about politics is now over. Happy End of Day Light Saving everyone! An extra hour...woo hoo. What are you all doing with it? I'm apparently blogging. Did you know it's Saving, not savingS. I didn't. If you're looking for something to do check out this right/left brain test. I am so right brain and hubby soooo left brain, anyone surprised?

And by the way, I know I ended a few sentences in prepositions...but really who says, "For whom are you voting?"


Colleen Dobson said...

you're all over the blogging! Go TA! I'm hiding right now, first chance I've had all week and I'm just hoping to get to post my halloween pictures before I'm found out.

Colleen Dobson said...

ooh - and your test links were very cool! Are right brainers more donkeys than elephants I wonder?
Thanks also for giving me permission to pirate your wifi last night. Yes, I was parked outside of your house last night. It took me forever to finish because I kept looking up, expecting you or Jason to pop up at the window and scare the heck out of me! And I did Caraboo coffee during the day. Theirs is free.

Scott said...

Ugh! POLITICS! I stay away from them! Politicians tend to be big poo-poo heads. They tell lies, only care about themselves, and commit the very crimes they are making laws against!

Sitting in Silence said...

I took the test....I got Mitt Romney....

Who ever he is !!!!

Ha Ha Ha HA

new diva on the blog said...

Very interesting quiz. Surprised at my "ideal" candidate, but not surprised at the overall leaning of my answers.