Friday, April 04, 2008


In case you think I'm a snob...I'm really not, it's just this guy had NO redeeming qualities. When I was falling for guys (a long long time ago...and not so much now because I'm happily married to a perfect guy, who is a bit chubby and has a receding hairline and others may not find Andy-Garcia-Sexy but I think he's the most cuddly, good looking, funny, smart guy EVER) I fell for the more geeky, nerdy, smart guys....and if they could make me laugh -- I was there baby....So, it's not that I think Hot Girl should only go for Hot Guy....I just think, Not So Cute Guy, should at least be funny and have a job for it to be a bit more realistic....just sayin'

Also, don't mean to imply I was a girl who got to be choosy...Even at my thinnest, and my boobs were where they were supposed to be, and no gray hair...I was more the girl you would want to take home to mother....not so much the girl you would brag about...but hey, Jason still loves me too...(23 years later)


Dodi said...

TZ - I hope my comments about a way cuter costar didn't make you think I was being judgemental. I'm all for the funny guy.

And? Honey, I've seen your husband. He's very good looking. You make a beautiful couple.

Scott said...

Hmmmm... I try to be a funny guy.

tz said...

oh, no dodi...I just re-read my post and wasn't sure I sounded Like I cared about people's hotness or lack of....I don't..

and scott, you're funny and nice, I thought the guy in the movie was not funny and an ass....funny guys for the most part outdo hot guys (unless it's andy garcia...:-) --- and yes, jason knows about my 'thing' for andy)