Friday, February 03, 2012

which Paul?

A while back when they were announcing who was running for the Republican candidate I heard the announcer say Ru Paul (I should pay more attention when I'm watching the news....)

What the Heck?
I wasn't sure if I was more shocked that he would be running for office or that it was for the Republicans (more the latter I think)

Then I realized it was this guy....Ron Paul.

okay, that makes more sense (I mean then Ru Paul, not necessarily for the Republican nominee)
I still giggle when I hear his name, I go back to my original mistake.  I even picture Ru Paul in the debates and start laughing.  My husband wonders why I'm laughing as I hear these guys discuss foreign policy, but I just picture Ru up there with the rest of them, behind a podium, with a blond wig, breaking out in a song or something.....

Have a great weekend everyone....I got an extra day thanks to the foot of snow that's dumping on Denver right now! YAY snow days. Love being a school nurse!


Rock Chef said...

They had probably been joking around about that before they went on air...

Have a great weekend - we are expecting a bit of snow any time now!

Amanda said...

Hooray for snow days! See, down here we just occasionally get hurricane days (and we're really rather take a pass on those especially after Hurricane Season 2004 where we were hit directly by 3 -- count 'em, three hurricanes and got the outliers from a fourth).

RuPaul would add some needed levity to the current political misery. Heh.

Bridgett said...

Oh that's fabulous!

Karla said...

I wonder if more people would watch the debates and vote if it was Ru Paul running. :)