Thursday, June 07, 2007

So much homework

Okay, just so you can feel sorry for me. I just finished a paper, still have a test to take by Sunday (okay, online class is kind of cool). For A&P2 I have a test in lecture and an assignment due on Monday. In lab on Tuesday, another test, a digestive enzyme report and two pre-labs due.

Soooo.....I decided to blog and then I'm going to go watch my eldest do field day, then help a friend out and watch her kids this afternoon. Then back on track TOMORROW.

This paper I just wrote was about how a cell may react to the cold. I had absolutely NO idea what I was supposed to write about? I mentioned something about slowing down life functions such as DNA replication and energy metabolism (ATP production and cellular respiration). Not sure that's what he wanted, not sure what I wrote was even correct. While writing this paper, it was hard not to think of the funner papers I got to write when I was a Creative Writing major......then I remember one huge, BIG, stupid mistake I made on one of my stories in one of my workshops. One of those mistakes, you don't even know is a mistake until you talk to someone from that class a couple semesters later.....Now, in case you would like a chuckle I will share the mistake with you.. Our professor TOLD us to never never write a story from a dream because you may not realize what you're really saying. Well, I was 20 something, foolish and knew better and I had had a GREAT dream. I woke up excited, energized and had to write it down immediately. I did and worked for hours crafting a story of this primitive culture and of a woman who longed for a lover who had died and a child who could never be. In my humble opinion, at the time, it was a brilliant story. An A+ for sure. Yes, I did get the lecture about writing about your dreams because of what they could reveal, got a couple puzzled looks from the other students but this did not make me think any less of my story, after all WHAT DID THEY KNOW (oh my gosh being 20ish is great for your ego, you really do know everything).

Now, the conversation a couple of semesters after that workshop; I was speaking to a fellow student, who blurts out that that was one erotic story I had written.....Erotic? HUH? I verified that it was indeed the same story, blushed a little and wondered if he was a perv? Holy cow, then it hits me -- A woman drowning in her own sorrow symbolized by deep pools of dark mysterious water, in the middle of a cave pool connected to the ocean by a tunnel. Yup, I had just written surreal porn. Color me fiery freakin' RED.

And yet, I still would have rather turned that story in then the paper I wrote on cells.


Colleen O said...

hahaha - That brings to mind pee wee herman and the snake donut dream. poor pee wee.

oh, I might just go crack open the praxis exam book. I have so much to do, and I'm just not up for it.

Aimee said...

Too funny. I have VERY strange dreams. Mostly about dolphins and elevators. Not necessarily at the same time, but I must be a perv too, with all the symbolism that goes along with those items!!

Martha said...

Ok, I'm just a midwest girl at heart because I just am not making the connections you all porno-star wannabees are coming up with.

Aimee, just remember, if the elevator doesn't rise, then try cialis!

Ok, maybe I do get it after all!