Saturday, April 02, 2011

Art -- a family thing

During Spring break, Isaac (the youngest) got to do a special program where he could take some classes. He chose math-wizards (because he's his father's child) and he took another class called five artists in five days because, in his words, he draws remarkable trees and since Aunt Laura Jane is an artist and cousin Bridget is really good, he's good too. He then added that Jake must take after me because we're not that good (he will someday regret those words...right?)

The end of this class coincided with Jason's aunt's art show opening. She had a show that started with this month's NOBO art walk (North Boulder) and will run a few more weeks. She does high-relief sculpture, and if I do say so myself, she's amazingly talented.

The artist -- Laura-Jane. Isaac took the picture, I'm not sure LJ will like it, but I love it. I think it shows how fun she is and how great she is that she'll be silly with her great-nephew during her very own art show.
Jason chatting up his aunt.
Isaac made his great-aunt a name tag, "my art rocks" -- the 'r' looks a bit like an 'n' so maybe it's "my ant rocks" -- although, I think he knows how to spell aunt.
Jake, Isaac and YaYa (Jason's mom) found a it that laid back Boulder thing that makes it okay to have a dog come to an art opening? I love that!
This is one of my favorites from her show last night. Love how the toe is pointed down, and the girl's little cheeks.

LJ and her dear friend. She's one of my favorites too! She has a gift of making you feel like everything you say or do is brilliant and amazing -- so the kind of person you need around. I can see why she and LJ are friends.
One of her Bronze pieces. I thinks she does such a wonderful job on the draping of the material. I can imagine that would be difficult to do with clay

I overheard two ladies who were looking at this group of sculptures say that they were drawn to these. And why not? They're great!
This is the piece that LJ made for us. I have it hanging in our kitchen. When I designed our kitchen, I made sure there was a space for it right by this window, so that I could enjoy this piece where I seem to be most of the the kitchen sink. You can see more of her amazing art work here on her website.

Now back to my own budding eight year old artist. Here's one of the pieces he did in his program. It's a boy doing a karate stance (not sure which one). It's not balanced and can't stand on its own --- but still, it's brilliant...don't you think? (whatever -- I'm his MOM- I think everything he does is brilliant)


Colleen O said...

Her peices are beautiful! And her own art show - wow!

tz said...

You could so have your own art show too! Even though I can't do it myself...I really do surround myself with people who can -- I guess that's my talent :D

Amanda said...

Actually, I think his piece is really neat! It's just... cool :D

Rock Chef said...

Wow, she is really talented! I mean REALLY telented!

I love the photo too - she looks like the sort of person I would love to be friends with.