Thursday, April 21, 2011

Last day off of Track-Off.

Monday was the boys' last day off of a three-week track-off (kind of an extended spring break for year-round schools). It's their last; next year the elementary school is going to a traditional schedule and Jake will be going to middle school which is also traditional. I happened to have that day off from work so I treated them to a home-made breakfast of french toast. Isaac helped me make the bacon.
Then we joined another family to go see Pirates at the Natural History museum (those who did not grow up in Denver may know it as the Denver Museum of Nature and Science -- I'm not sure why they changed the name?)
At least the eleven year old is smiling...
My eight year old is so strange.....but he does make me laugh.
We couldn't take pictures of the actual exhibit because of copy-right laws. It was really worth it though, Jake grudgingly accepted the fact we went but can't bring himself to admit it was interesting. Isaac thought it was very interesting. It's the history of pirate captain, Bellamy. He left his New England town in pursuit of fortune so that he could marry his true love. Her parents didn't want her to marry a penniless no-one. On his last and return voyage his ship was sunk just off of Cape Cod. The exhibit also showed the process of how they painstakingly removed years of sand, shells and other stuff that surrounded the items in concrete-like stones.

One of the fun attractions were the period-dressed people who came around and talked to us about their jobs and lives of the day. And made fun of our capris (pantaloons that were eaten by goats) in Renaissance-festival fashion.
We ended the day eating at Chili's. The boys' choice. And talked about where we would take our family vacation this summer. The vote was the Grand Canyon.

Maybe if Jake sees himself looking like this he'll be better about not making faces when I'm trying to chronicle his life! He will thank me one day, right?


The Glamorous Army Wife said...

That french toast looks so good, I could lick my computer screen! lol. Or maybe I am just super hungry. Anyway...I am a new follower!

Amanda said...

Too funny -- we had year-round school as well here, and my elder son's last year in elementary school (he's now in 6th grade) was their first year on the traditional calendar.

Those three week breaks were awesome. Plus I signed my kids up fir the "weird" track that had its longest break in the fall/ winter: the kids were out the week of Thanksgiving, and didn't go back until New Year! It was like a little present for me, too, not having to worry about homework over the holiday season... LOL

Glad your guys enjoyed the exhibit!