Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gasp, he's average

I had parent teacher conferences last night with Jake's teacher. I HATE those things. I even put on my pre-conference tell-me-about-your-kid sheet that my son is perfect and it's unfair to have me fill out this sheet. Mr. Kampling laughed, but went ahead and told me his concerns anyway. Basically Jake's a funny guy who needs to listen more and talk less. OK, he's my son, what am I to do, every year my own parents got the same report, it's genetic. I'm actually ok with the whole average thing...I mean I'd hate for him to 'shine' now only to fizzle out later, I'm just waiting for that brilliance to come forth, when it really matters, like for the speech he's going to write when he accepts the Nobel Peace Prize.
(picture taken at age 5)


ColleenO said...

Too true! I've heard of people who peaked in high school, and that's no good, but 1st grade - no, you need to pace yourself Jake. Excuse me, I mean Dr. Zimmer.

Martha said...

And, if you don't update your blog honey, I'm gonna rate you an average blogger. Come on, friend, what's keeping you from blogging? Home responsibilities? Home work? Or, maybe just not being Home? Hmmm...come on, give me something fun to read...

Seriously, we too are super duper fans of totally average kids. Doesn't Garrison Keiler have some line he uses about where our kids are average?