Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No football scholarship here

It's official, Autumn, crisp evenings, changing leaves, football and crockpots full of the aroma of home. I love this season. I'm ready to buy a bunch of pumpkins and gourdes and decorate my front porch.

Jake had his first football game yesterday, what can I say, at least he wasn't the one that ran with the ball to the other team's goal. He did zig and zag and made some yardage, but mostly he pranced...yes, pranced. I found myself, huddled in a blanket, thinking 'who is that kid?' It's a little nerve-racking that the sponsor this year is Centennial Urgent Care.

Note to self, capris and crocks, not good to wear in the autumn at a football game, in the wet cold grass, it's taken me a day to warm up.


Martha said...

Prancer, eh? Hmmm...somehow I figured that would be a knickname for a Dobson Doll not a Zimmer Stud! :)

Gina Grace said...

Hooray for crisp, fall days! The best football players are the graceful ones- just look at Emmitt Smith on Dancing with the Stars! There is still hope!