Friday, September 01, 2006

Half way there!

I finally emailed the Dean of Students. What they say about the squeaky wheel is so true. I got return emails AND I'm on at least one of my classes (statistics). I just emailed back to let them know I can't get onto my Spanish class.

I feel a bit bad for firing off an email to the Dean, but NOONE was getting back to me! Sheesh, you'd think I was Catholic with the whole guilt stuff.

Last night I googled Zimmerhouse to see if my blog would pop up, it didn't, but this family website did, sheesh what a beautiful family (ok, my boys so much cuter---but then I'm biased)and great house (forget bias, there's NO escaping that truth). This suburban, second class distant unrelated cousin Zimmerhouse needs to do a little work! Chang gang also googled hers but with more tragic outcomes, someone died, but weirdly both hubbies had the same name; later to find out that hubby in tragedy had different last name..Whew, I thought for a moment we'd have a real Lifetime True Life Movie unfold in our quiet little neighborhood.

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