Friday, September 01, 2006


OK, I'm now on my Spanish class too. That one was MY problem, I had to delete some cookies, and I don't mean finishing the last package of oreos. So I've printed out my syllabuses (syllabi?) and have to cram a weeks worth of learning into this weekend. Oh and one assignment is past due so I have sent an emailing begging and pleading to turn it in late.

I also sent a very nice thank you to the dean and the help desk person to help that whole guilt thing.

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ColleenO said...

Sad when you need to use up all your patience and perseverance on someone elses computer gliche (that's not their problem)! And now spend your holiday weekend catching up! I'm pissed for you! Were's my 3 page IKEA letter. I should resend it just to mess up there customer satisfaction index. HAHA! That's a great idea, I should resend it every month! OK, only a housewife left alone on the holiday weekend with only her laundry to do would think that. Ciao.