Tuesday, March 27, 2007


We were watching an episode of "Enterprise" (the most recent of the different TV Star Trek series). It was a bout a race that had a third gender and this gender provided an enzyme to help the male/female couples have a child. However, this third gender wasn't allowed to have an education, make decisions for itself (wasn't female or male) or even have a name. Normally, when you watch a Star Trek episode (ok, how many of you out there actually do???) you can see a correlation to Earth History in the story line. So Jason says, in his dense, very manly way, "I wonder what they're implying here?" HMMMM, I answer, "Feminism" sheesh, it was pretty much spelled out Jason....only good for breeding, not allowed her own name (taking husband's family name), until recently not allowed an education, and at first, the education provided was only to help her children, not for her own betterment, couldn't vote and was subject to the will of her family, husband and/or government.

He answered, "oh yeah"
I still love him, I do.

Another Star Trek moment. Years ago we were watching a "Next Generation" episode and they came across an alien race that only spoke in metaphor. What a light bulb moment, that's exactly how Jason's grandmother spoke. You would ask her a yes or no question and she would answer with a story from which you needed to gather wisdom and meaning.....it just gave me a headache. It was then, I realized my husband's family may not be from this earth.

oh, ouch, they are very loving people, and they've accepted me into their family as their own. And Jason thinks my family is equally strange. It's just blending two loving alien races into a cohesive rich culture...just like Star Trek.

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Colleen Dobson said...

"Grups" - is part of my vocabulary, so I've watched my share. I don't think of myself as a "grup" even now.