Monday, March 12, 2007

A Weekend Away

I went on a scrapbooking retreat last weekend. I can't say I got much done, but I did get to spend time with my very special friend. I don't see her nearly enough since we both have young families and she lives clear across town. We relish our weekends together. I was working on an album of our trip to Spain (if you can't wait to see it you can revisit it on the October Archives of my blog). Most of my pages looked like this...half done with post-its of what still needs to be done.

My only completely finished page.

The boys visited (the hotel wasn't that far away) and swam and had lunch with us. I did miss them a wee bit and so it was nice to have them come by (look Jason shaved his beard!)

And, one of the funniest 'small world' stories I've heard in awhile. Martha and other neighborhood friend Carol came for a visit and happy hour on Saturday......I think Martha really wanted to see if I scrap booked, every time I go over to her house for that reason I look at idea books and chat, oh once I did sketch out bacteria flash cards for a test, that's kinda crafty isn't it? Anyhow, I think she now believes me. Back to the small-world story. This was the first time she and DF, Shannon met; they both wanted to meet each other since I fondly talk about both of them to each other (lots of common interests and both admirable people). They were doing the thing you do when you meet people, high school? college? Something in the conversation prompted the question, 'do you know Allison -----' Shannon thought the name sounded familiar. She calls her husband, who actually went to the same high school as Allison and there was the connection...Shannon's hubby and Martha and Carol's buddy dated for a month or so in High school. Allison has moved to another state (I knew her casually before she moved, but had she stayed she would have run into Johnny during one of Jake's birthday parties, since her daughter and my son are the same age). More scoop? Check out Martha's blog.


Martha said...

Ok, will stop nagging you. Thanks for the update. Tell JZ without the beard he looks like the babysitter NOT the hubby/dad.
Did you rob the craddle? :)

tz said...

yes I did, I'm three months older...
oh the shame of it all...why do you think I insist on the beard I hate looking like the older woman.