Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's in the air

Wow, today is supposed to get up to 70! It's hard to believe we were recently buried in a mountain of snow for weeks on end. It's been wonderful to go out into the yard and see what's popping up. I can't wait for my bluebells, the delicate little blooms and fragile stalks are so sweet and one of my favorite early bloomers.
In this week's blog assignment (originated on a scrapshare website and emailed to me by Martha) I was asked to share what I did with my extra hour of sunlight with daylights savings just having happened. Like Martha I really saw this as a lost hour. Where as sunlight is great 'n all I'm not really a farmer and don't live and breath for sunlight. I actually think I'm somewhat allergic to it. I'm okay getting up before the sun rises and eating after the sun sets. There's really nothing I can think of that I did differently except maybe whine about something new.

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Colleen Dobson said...

I saw your perky little crocuses this morning and also thought - how fabulous!

It was a beautiful day, I even enjoyed alittle poop scooping.