Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Good things do happen...

OK ranting was fun, but what's more fun? Talking about neat things that happen. Yesterday, I popped my head into the nursing office to pick up some paperwork for my background check. I talked with the nursing guru there, I don't think she's the head of the department but she might as well be and she's as nice as can be! So I was asking her when fall semester starts and when the orientation will be. She asked me why I want to know and I told her I had a wedding to go to in August. She asked when the wedding was, and I told her and she said..."Well, we'll just have to work around that"

Let's pause for a moment.
Wasn't that just so nice!

I said, "wow, I just wanted to work around whatever was happening here, I didn't mean to ask for any favorable treatment" She asked if it was a family member, I mentioned brother and she was pretty insistent that I NOT miss that (not that I was, I just wanted to know if I should do more days in the front or back of the weekend out to Weddingsville). So I thanked her profusely... just short of getting on my knees in a 'hail thee' type of pose. Then said, "My brother just got back from Iraq so this is really important for our family". And she smiled and said she was happy to be able to help out.

Woo hoo for nice people, I smiled all the way through the rest of the day.


Martha said...

Yeah, you "mature" classmates get all the perks! (just kidding: but 20 years ago, we were jealous as heck of the older students because we just knew that the professors were nicer to them. Well duh, when you are older you do have more responsibilities and worries than which bar to have happy hour at!)
Glad to hear your first impressions of the faculty is positive.

Gina Grace said...

Sending my thanks and appreciation to the Head Nurse Lady!

Colleen Dobson said...

Did ya give her a big ol/ waspina hug?