Thursday, March 22, 2007

One More Day!

The kids just have one more day of school and then it's a three week track off for them! Woo hoo, we'll be sleeping in and doing fun stuff. I even made a reservation for the Mint. Jake did a lot with coins in school. Granted, it was more about the math, but I still thought the Mint would be a neat field trip --a la familia. Then we may take in the Molly Brown house and do a downtown type of lunch. I'll even drive them by Jason's and my first apartment and my elementary school. I do sometimes miss living more in the center of things, but the suburbs do have a charm of their own; the people are great and the schools are fantastic.

I'm doing a project with some people in class....I was planning on doing it on my own. When I thought about it, I realized that I do better that way because I can get a bit resentful when I end up doing most of the whole thing myself. But the person who asked me to do the project is a smart girl who is most likely an over-achiever. Now you'd think I'd say, "Whew, great, not as much work for me", but nope, my thought is, 'Wow, I'm going to have to work doubly hard to pull my weight in this partnership" Apparently, just can't make me happy. But really, I'm happy about this and I think it'll work out well. She and my other partner are very nice and hard workers; I think we'll make a good team.

Isaac was getting out of the car today, complaining that Abi cried when he shoved her. Ummmm, "Ok Isaac, that's allowed. You shouldn't shove her." So then he says, 'Well, she shoved me back and THAT was NOT a good decision" hahaha, yeah like shoving her in the first place was....I did mention that, but with more kindness and less sarcasm....he says, a bit sheepishly, 'oh yeah'. He's also getting obsessed that the drinking fountain is not working at school. This is probably horrible to say, but I do believe he's going to be a bit of a quirky kid.

Jake went indoor skydiving a couple days ago...will update with pictures ---and maybe even a video if I can figure that out.

ok night night time for me...I have a nursing pre-test tomorrow. Basic knowledge kind of stuff. I'm a bit resentful. I do have a BA, even graduated with honors; I think that should be proof enough I can read. I am a little freaked about the math though, for the life of me I can't remember how to do percentages.

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Martha said...

The main math thing I ended up needing to know in nursing school is
desired dose/dose on hand = desired volume/volume on hand.

Once you master that equation the rest is easy peasy, lemon squeezy!