Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fall is in the AIR!

OOOH, I do believe I just got called a slacker by Colleeno ---it was directed at her blogger friends in general....but I figured I'd get a move on it. Fall is almost here...woo hoo, my favorite season is fall! And yesterday we had a nice taste of what's to come, a bit cloudy, crisply cool. I even had a nice roast (buy one get one free at KS) in the crock pot so when we got in after school yesterday it smelled like fall! Maybe soon I'll even be inspired to make some corn chowder with cheesy garlic bread....ooooh or some squash soup. Ok, so part of Autumn for me is all about the food---anyone surprised? Check out this book onAutumn that my good friend, Shannon, gave me for my birthday (in June, but hey she knows Fall is my favorite). Neat book, all cozy and warm and how to make your home all fallish -- makes me wish I had more time! And there is of course SOCCER....yup, I've joined the league of soccer moms.

The boys got haircuts after their first game.....I promised they could do what they wanted if they didn't complain about it being a bit longer for their Uncle and New Aunt's wedding.....arggg, I so much like it better longish and frumpled. Maybe because THEY HAVE MY EARS!

Alrighty, here are some pictures of some of the 'action' but I have a sucky camera and frankly, not that great of a photographer....Martha, Aimee? want to come to a soccer game...hey wait, Dodi, Colleen, aren't you in the area anyway with your soccer family....come by to one of our fields and take some action shots.....please please.

Ok, second shot I can't even tell if one of the blue guys is one of mine...haha.


Angela Johnson said...

Hi Tracey! Where on earth do you find the time?!? I love your blog!

Thanks for linking to mine (how do you do that?) I'm so unsophisticated with this ...

Anyway, Jody was discussing when we should all get together for lunch - whada ya think?


Scott said...

Wow! Cool hair and cool shin pads! Did they get to wear that hair color to school or did it wash out?

tz said...

hi angela, i'll email you!
scott, yes, very transformer like on the shin pads and they got one day at school before it washed out.

it's on my list to buy more of the color hairspray...

Sitting in Silence said...

More soccer boys !! Their uniform is fantastic. Here is Australia the weather is warming up and day soccer goes out the window and evening soccer starts up.

Love the hair cuts !!


Gina Grace said...

Wow! Jake look like a totally different person! Both still very cute- I refuse to believe that either will ever have oil skin or awkward peach-fuzz.