Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mutant Cat Tails

All in all a pretty good weekend. Saturday I met with my study group and we studied the 'nursing process' and nursing diagnosis are so very strange...you can't just say this person has a cold but you can say how the person 'feels' about having a cold....more on this later when I have a better grasp. Friday night we got a reprieve -- the kiddos were with their aunt and uncle and we went to see stardust. A fantastic movie, particularly if you enjoyed Princess Bride a few years back.....and/or still enjoy Princess Bride. Loved Captain Shakespeare, he was hysterical and if I were younger I'd have a little crush on the main guy, Tristan....oh and pay attention to the names of the princes.....funny funny.....Saturday we took the boys to Mr. Bean's Holiday, they enjoyed it, it was cute, but not overly fond of slapstick kind of humor. Yesterday, we labored....we pulled out half of our mutant cat tails from the side yard...the other half in the front come out next weekend. I split some daisies, gave some away and replanted some others....will be splitting some more daisies next weekend, so any of you in the neighborhood who want some daisies and/or mutant cat tails let me know! The cat tails are almost like aspen with their intertwining connected root and bulb system....I wish my lilies would do that that quickly (which is, by the way, what I thought I was planting when I planted the stupidly mis-marked cat tails!)

Then we went to mom in law's house to celebrate DH's birthday...yup he's finally my age. 39....one more year in our 30's. WOW.


anne said...

Love Princess Bride and am glad to know about Stardust!

tz said...

Hi anne! the movie was fun, it had a bit of everything for everyone..romance, swash buckling adventures, comedy, quests....if you see it, let me know what you think!

and yes, kiddos in general have their own glow that's hard to capture in a picture! I do think that it's God's way to keep us from killing them! :-)

After meeting you it's so obvious that you are most likely fantastic with the kiddos!