Monday, March 31, 2008

catching up

yes, he's wearing pj's, it was a special treat for his class..

Jake got an award for character (yeah, I'm surprised too). I asked him why he got it, he answered, "I have no idea, mom".
I have my first night clinical tonight. I tried napping but couldn't, instead I paid bills and it's going to be one long 12 hour shift, ending tomorrow at 7 am...yikes. I've been uber busy, we've been working on the house, we're almost done with the upstairs hallway and next will be Isaac's room. I've been studying and doing clinicals. I'm not sure how I feel about this clinical. I was so excited about Labor and Delivery...but was sadly let down a bit. I have to stew about it a bit to figure out if that's really where I want to be....more on that later.
I don't have much to I'll leave you with some kiddy funnies (well, at least I think so).
Easter Sunday:
I tell the kiddos to get dressed. I went upstairs to check on Isaac's progress (he really does live in a world all his own). He has his sweater on, his shirtis unbuttoned and on the outside of his sweater; he has nothing else on (I mean, NOTHING) and he's happily playing legos. I ask him..."are you ready", thinking this would spur him to finish dressing and he says "yes".
Jake, was ready, properly dressed and looking very cute (if I do say so myself) and I ask him why can't he dress like that all the time, and he says, "then I'd be a mama's boy."
Wish me luck on tonight, oh and on my test on Wednesday (think good thoughts of the A kind for me around 8:30 am MST on Wednesday)


Anonymous said...

Great kid stories. I will say a prayer for you on Wednesday for the test, and one for your clinical tonight when I got to bed. Twelve hours without much sleep just blows my mind. I WOULD NOT be able to do it. They'd find me in a corner somewhere curled up fast asleep. Maybe that's the reason I really shouldn't be a nurse. But, you -- YOU'LL make a great one!

Martha said...

Rarely could I sleep the night before I went to only seemed to add to my sense of fatigue. It is an interesting experience, working nights.

One of the reasons they force us to rotate through all areas of nursing while in school is to see and experience as much as possible and open our minds to the options that await us. Process your thoughts but leave your mind open that it might still be your'll not really know for sure until you've seen all the other options.

new diva on the blog said...

LOVE the kid stories, too funny!
Thinking good thoughts that all goes well for you!

Daddy Forever said...

Ha-ha. Mama's boy. Funny kid.

Good luck. I hope you do well.

Colleen O said...

Stop! Or I'll paralize you with my FACE! - hahaha oh, jake