Thursday, August 30, 2007

More pictures

Woke up at midnight in a panic....Bills haven't been paid, house is a mess and homework and reading no where near I'll post pictures of Brother and Sister-in-law's very pretty wedding.....oh and pictures of the boys, looking ever so adorable in their blazers.

Don't they look just so happy! They wrote their own vows and said beautiful words to each other, people cried and laughed and celebrated their commitment to each other.

Next is a series of my youngest dancing up a storm....he had a blast! John Travolta eat your heart out, you have some competition.

And some more pictures....

Nothing beats the whole military aspect for photo opportunities...well except the prettiness of the bride....

Father of the groom and highschool buddies of the groom.

Mami and Papi....they are so happy for my brother!


Colleen Dobson said...

Clearly time well spent! What a handsome bunch of gentlemen, and beautiful wedding pictures. They do look so happy! Wasn't Jake boogieing the night away?

Scott said...

Wow! Where was the wedding? That is a beautiful location. You son looks like quite the dancer!

tz said...

because jake's too "cool"...and yeah, totally beautiful location!

Martha said...

Ok, so she's up and commenting on other people's blogs...but not sharing any more photos? I'm most eager to see your festive party attire: I know a couple of us offered to go shopping with you. How'd it all come together?

Chop Chop Sistah, we're wanting to hear more about this AND nursing school.

tz said...

I have not pictures of me....go figure!

hee hee

anne said...

Good luck working through those hovering deadlines!

Now my tangent:
Gorgeous picture of the glowing couple :)!

You know how pictures of adults can seem flattering or not flattering? I'm just noticing that your kids seemed to be constantly glowing in person and I wouldn't have gathered that from the photos. Great, now I sound like a photo critic, but it's just... I work with kids and know they're designed for us to oooggle over, but jeesh! Somewhere in your blog you mentioned something that that deserves a cookie :)... Sharing extreme cuteness deserves something like that!