Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 4 & 5 -- Jamestown Settlement & Busch Gardens

Trying to play catch up...We arrived in DC last night from Williamsburg about 9:30pm. We drove through a torrential down pour the whole way up, that combined with having to stop for bathroom breaks, gingerale breaks (kid who gets carsick) it took us awhile to get here. I think normally it's a 2 1/2 -3 hour trip. We went to Busch Gardens yesterday. It was a fun break from history for the kiddos.

Jamestown Settlement

The Powanhat Indians would make their boats out of Cypress trees by burning the wood then scraping it out with oyster shells.

One of the settlement houses
Carrying water from the well
Jake protecting the settlement from the Indians or the Spanish
Church is so much more comfortable these days. This was also where they created law and enforced it. The appointed governor would appoint his council and when they were able to cross over to the legislative side of the building they "passed the bar" (in case you ever wondered where that term came from)

And these were the officers slept. The passengers slept on pads that were laid on top of the cargo.

The Indian Village. I found it interesting that these Indians weren't the nomadic Indians that we're used to in the Western part of the United States. They had a variety of villages with one Chief that oversaw all the villages.

Check out the shelving area...primitive ELFA shelving, my kinda home.
I thought the structure of the huts was interesting.
I think Jamestown was my favorite of the Historic triangle. It's amazing to see what the first English Settlers had to go through to get this country going, the sacrifices they made, the enterprise, the strength and the will they possessed.

Busch was hot, but they boys had a blast! The place was very clean, the gardens beautiful and a nicely laid out amusement park.

Front row!
Roman Rapids, seriously get prepared to get wet on this ride....of course this was the last ride they went on so the poor kiddos were soaked when we got in the car.


Chief Rock Chef said...

That was fantastic - thanks for sharing your holiday with us all. Now I want to go there myself! I am intending to get over to visit Gettysburg at some point and might just have to do these places while I am there too!

OHN said...

At Busch Gardens was that the something Pompeii ride?? If so, that was S3's very first "grown up" ride. That park is so nice. We wandered through there one year on a vagabond vacation with no destination in mind and had a blast. I am the only one in my family that wanted to "do" Williamsburg so I was outvoted. Maybe I will offer to chaperone S3's 8th grade trip....uh, nahh, 150 13 year olds, forget it!

jenelle said...

What a trip and the hottest time of year to do it in. Hope that you are having a fantastic time together and that the car sickness doesn't get too bad.

Sandra said...

I've been on a ride recently at Dollywood that was similar to the "Roman Rapids" -- I went to the car soaked too! This makes me want to go to Jamestown!

Sitting in Silence said...

Oh what beautiful photos...looks like you all had a great time...

We have a similar place In Oz, it's out in the country where I grew up....

Thanks for sharing x

Daddy Forever said...

The Roman Rapids ride looks just like a ride at Disneyland (CA Park). The line was too long so we didn't go on that ride. But we wanted to. At least I did.