Friday, August 10, 2007

And we're off.....

What a week, I, of course, didn't get half the things on my list accomplished on my one week off between summer, vacation and nursing school. I'm so overwhelmed I don't even care, not sure if that's good or bad?

Nursing school orientation --- wow. It didn't help that my temporary crown fell off during the orientation and every time I took a deep breath, I felt a disturbing sensation in my mouth and almost yelped with pain when I took a drink of cold water.....and then come to find out, I have to wear WHITE shoes. Bummer, because I just bought some very cute leather Danskos. Well they'll still work for lecture and when I get into the real world. We also spent about an hour on appropriate behavior, like not cussing about the patient in front of the patient. As I was thinking, sheesh don't we all know that, aren't we all most likely kind people and that's why we're becoming nurses, the teacher says, that she knows this all seems common sense, it does to them too, but if it happens they put it in the 'book' to make sure it doesn't again. WOW. I'm bouncing between fear and excitement -- my brain feels like the walls of a racket ball court. Bought my books for first semester....600$ and I'm still missing two text books that won't be in until next week. Of course one of them has our assigned reading for the first day of class....and I didn't request them overnighted to the hotel in Seattle where I'll be so I'm already behind...but damn it, I'm going on vacation! Ok...I did actually think about having them overnight it--but the guy at the book store and the second semester nursing student in line behind me talked me out of it....I'm sick, I know.

My grades --- got two b's for a&p2 and patho. And again, another glimpse into my twisted mind...I'm vacillating between, 'oh, I should have worked harder, if only I was smarter, EVERYONE is smarter than I am' to 'wow, they were really easy on me, I didn't even deserve the B' brain is a racket ball court. I've had therapy, so I know I'm crazy, I just can't seem to STOP (please still love me).

Vacation --- we leave this evening. I'm not packed, the house isn't clean, don't even know when exactly the plane is leaving, Jason hasn't made hotel reservations for tonight and I haven't made the rental car reservations....and I so am not panicking...which is how I usually am even when I'm totally organized for a trip weeks in advance. Should I be scared I'm not freaking out or should I just tell myself I've finally mastered the nervous traveling aspect of my personality?

Back to school night-- Oh my, my poor Jake, he's been so nervous that he's been going to the nurse every day. I talked to the teachers about it, they tell me that he's so good and trying so hard to get his work done. He's even the kid that tries to get other to behave (which will most likely not bode well for him later with his peers but for now makes me a bit proud). They didn't realize that he was internalizing so much. He comes by it honestly...he's so like me...which makes me even that more upset because I KNOW how he's feeling. This over all responsibility for EVERYONE and to make sure that his own work is perfect. So, yeah this is basically my fault. crap crap crap! I did call the school social worker to make an appointment to see if we can help him. That's going to be a fun therapy session! He's this usually rough and tumble boy, a big boy, an older boy, so this sensitive side is usually over looked by most.

okay...see why my house isn't clean.
I'm going to go do that now but should take the computer with me to Seattle so will blog WITH PICTURES from the hotel there. Think good thoughts and particularly happy thoughts Saturday the 18th when my handsome brother and his beautiful bride will be getting married.

A side note here....I bought blue blazers for the boys, with some french blue oxfords and ties...OH MY GOSH THEY'RE GOING TO LOOK CUTE. Also have these cute striped green oxfords that I may have them wear untucked under the blazers in some type of casual preppy Ralph Lauren thing....I hardly ever get to decide what they get to wear so I'm just giddy with excitement!


Martha said...

Um, excuse me...?going to look cute. I'd be more inclined to say "over the top from their usual cuteness'. Pictures will be expected.

Colleen Dobson said...

atta girl! Just go on vacation. I'll give you your temporary crown back for going under prepared!

The temprorary crown - I initially confused with the Best Mom tiara that I'm sure you took with you. tee hee.

Gina Grace said...

Hi! Finally getting back to a somewhat normal mode and going to catch up on all the Zimmerhouse I've been missing!!

PS- before my dietetic clinical internship, we had "the talk" too- only it was more of the "this isn't an opportunity to be courting and hiding out in closets with doctors!"
Yes, seriously. I couldn't have made that up if I tried.