Saturday, August 25, 2007

I predict from dodi and a meme from valiens

From Dodi's blog
I Predict

My friend sent me an email that we were supposed to fill in with our answer and then pass it on. Well, most of my friends (all what? 4 friends that I have?) usually hate to get these kinds of emails - and I do too. So, I thought I'd blog it. If you want to also blog it - the more the merrier.

(side note here, I do think Dodi has more then four friends!)

1. I predict that my parents will move to Colorado from Spain within the next 6 months to a year and my step dad's brother, will also move here from NC and within a year my brother will leave bartending in Miami and make the move too.

2. I predict that the fake-reality show of the Cavemen from the GEICO commercials will not make it.

3. I predict that even after taking out the mutant Cat Tails that I did NOT plant but are taking over, I will have to continue to do so for a couple years until they are completely eradicated. How the heck did I get those to grow in the semi-arid environment of Colorado is anyone's guess.

4. I predict that the Big Love Finale tomorrow will want me wanting more and I will be very anxious until the new season starts. I predict Bill helps Roman regain his power and Albi is put back in his place.

What do you predict?

Now, the MEME from Valiens 10 things you love about yourself....sheesh, I think this may be hard to do, but suspect important to do once in awhile.

1. I love that I can laugh at myself.
2. I love that I'm a middle of the road kinda gal and can see both sides of an issue and want to see both sides, but still have an opinion.
3. I love that I'm starting nursing school and taking on a challenge like this, particularly because I'm not one to take on challenges...I'm too afraid of failing.
4. I love that I am able to pick out some great friends.
5. I really love my sense of humor.
6. I love how Jason and I are together (most of the time, there are times when I do a lot of eye rolling)....I love that we finish each other's thoughts, that if something is funny we can look at each other and laugh, that he's analytical and that I use intuition and even after 22 years of being together and 15 years of marriage he still questions 'why' I know.
7. I love that I can laugh with the kids and that they are developing a great sense of humor (can you see a theme here). I LOVE it when I can make them laugh.
8. I love that the kids say they love me more then the stars themselves....even if they sometimes are ornery, I know that they are learning the capacity for love.
9. I'm pretty good at decorating.
10. I love that I'm accepting of many different types of people....even though my choices seem quite conservative and suburban, I enjoy many different cultures and ideas.

OK....if this looks interesting to anyone else, do it and let me know so I can read it on your blog.


Martha said...

You are kidding, right? You mean to tell me you didn't plant those cattails? And if not, how come you get something purty that just appears and all I get is weeds? Doesn't Mother Nature appreciate how hard it is being a Martha with next to no gardening juju going on?

tz said...

hey when i dig them up do you want some?
they ARE weeds!

Dodi said...

I love that you are going to offer to come and decorate my house!

Honestly - how DID you get cattails to grow in your yard? Do you back up to some hidden canal that the HOA doesn't know about?

Aimee said...

Cattails, cattails everywhere, and not a drop to drink? Well that doesn't make sense but you get my thought process.