Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pike Street Market, The Aquarium and The Space Needle

Wow, we had a busy day yesterday. We started out with a Starbucks, I mean we are in the right city for it. Headed into town and our first stop was Pikes Market. My brother met us there. Oh my gosh the colors were fantastic. Tons of street musicians. Lots of fish markets. One has this Monk fish tied to a rope with a sign that says be careful it's still alive and when a kid comes near it someone in the back pulls it, the kids go wild. We missed the fish throwing. We had lunch at Lowell's and got to sit near a window where we could see the Sound and the San Juans. Life just couldn't be better then at that moment. Walked around, saw the Original Starbucks and paid homage but ended up buying Turkish Coffee and Turkish Delights down the street. I bought a nice water color from a street vendor. Turns out it was a commercial artist, Kim Drew but I like it. It was a particularly festive time in the Market because they were celebrating their 100 year anniversary.

The Aquarium was pretty cool. They had lots of interactive stuff for the kids and we spent tons of time petting starfish, sea cucumbers and other slimy creatures. The petting area was the kids favorite, mine were the seals and otters.

After the Aquarium, we headed off to the Space Needle for dinner (save your pennies, sheesh). It was amazing though. My grandad had told us he was able to go during the world fair for which it was built. The restaurant turns completely every 47 minutes so you get to see all of Seattle. It was a clear day and we got a great view of Mt. Rainier. A fourteener looks a lot more impressive when the base is at sea level.

And because it wasn't like we hadn't had that much fun we finished the day riding the Ferris wheel and taking the monorail back to our car. And because we promised (foolish parents that we are) the kids got to swim at 9 at night before falling into an exhausted slumber.

I have no idea what we'll do today. But it must, must start with coffee.


Scott said...

Hi TZ,

Found you from Amanda's blog. I don't smoke, and I think my drug is either 'za or burgers. Ahh, it's rough being fat. Anyway, I am also looking to get in nursing school; the soonest date for me is the summer of 2008. Wow! I love that picture of Seattle where you guys are in the restruant!

Colleen Dobson said...

Hey, aren't your boys supposed to be in school!?! You all look like your having WAY WAY to much fun on a school night.

Did you happed to pass by Kells Pub? I remember that being one of my frequent destinations in the market. And that bookstore in Pioneer Square. I used to go there and the museum all the time... Seattle was a fun city to have no car in.

And the Colombia river is so cool. It's not at all how a Coloradoan thinks of a river. OK, more pictures please, waspy hugs -

Lindsey said...

Is it just me, or are you having to restrain your kids in each of the pictures to keep them from leaving?

tz said...

we walked by kell's pub and my brother told us it's a must do....but can't with the kids...

and yes the kids are normally restrained...although threats of death don't seem to help them with their smiling...go figure :-)

Martha said...

I spy with my little eye:
2 kids playing Hookie
2 grown ups wishing life were always so carefree
1 groom to be not looking very nervous at all

and a jealous blog reader (only time I've been to the PacNW was in February. Not a pretty time...rain, rain, rain, more rain, oh wait, dry but gray).

Scott said...

Hi TZ--I tried to email you but it didn't work, so I'll post this as a comment:

I'm glad you think I am funny. That World Trade Center is right downtown, across the street from the Adam's Mark Hotel and the awesome 16th Street Mall. Many a great picture can be taken there, if you are interested in photography.

Nursing school. I have to take 2 more classes (plus 2 for fun) this semester at the local community college, then I apply to UW's nursing program in December. If they accept me, that will be the accelerated program (because I already have a Bachelor's in a different subject) to BSN. I looked into an Associates, but in my case, it turns out to be about the same amount of work. I really hope UW takes me, because I LOVED getting my first degree there!

Having gone through cancer, lots of people assume I want to do oncology nursing. Nope. I want to do Pediatrics! So why are you freaking out about school? Are you a CNA now? There's gonna be a lot of memorization, but it only gets better!

Yeah, I blogrolled ya, too!

Alexandra said...

Hello from your English Stalker. I've finally set up an account so I can post witty, yet strangely English, comments. I have a blog elsewhere and no I'm not telling... but might start copying the more family friendly stuff here...

Great to catch up on your travels and fun. Nice positioning of the children in the pics I thought. Off to catch up on Colleens now... and maybe I'll stalk some of your other friends too, just for the hell of it....

Mwahahahhahaaaaaaaaaa (that's an evil laugh btw)

Ingrid xx

Dodi said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Seattle! Envious that you are up there, and impressed you're updating.

You know, if you take that photo of y'all in front of the original Starbucks to our Starbucks up the street they'll put it on the bulletin board. You could be a minor celebrity! I was up there a few years ago - - although no one but me seemed to notice it. Hmmm,and I had really good hair in the photo and everything!

tz said...

ingrid you must start a blog and make us all laugh with your british humor....then talk your sister into it because i can't even get her to read mine!

anne said...

Fun to see these pics!

Gina Grace said...

Yay! I love the Seattle pictures too!

The boys look like they had a great time, I know your brother enjoyed the petting part of the aquarium- probably as much if not more than Jake and Isaac. He's a tactile one that boy.