Sunday, August 12, 2007


We're visiting my Grandad this weekend in
Wishram, WA a tiny little railroad town off of the Columbia river. My granddad built this beautiful house with an awesome view. The neighbors have a pool and a rope swing and let the boys come over and swim, they had a blast.

Earlier today we went to the ice caves. These are near Mt. Adams and it's a scenic drive up the Columbia River and then through some quaint small towns and then the forest. You go down these wooden stairs that go into the ground and you can feel the blast of cold air about half way down. We don't have a sophisticated enough camera to take pictures of the ice formations, but it was pretty cool. At the turn of the century the people in the area would come take big chunks of ice out of this cave for refrigeration purposes. The caves are left over lava tubes from the dormant volcanoes that make up the Cascades.

We also hiked up a bit to see some natural bridges, also formed by lava. It was truly beautiful, but it was hard to enjoy the scenery when every time one of the boys stumbled I would be afraid they would plummet down the rocky depths of the exposed lava tubes. I would love to come back and really explore when we had some more time....and bubble wrap in which to wrap the kids.

Tomorrow we're off to Spokane to visit a friend of mine. We've actually been friends since Jr. High. I haven't seen her or her husband in a few years so we're very excited to see their house and have lunch with them. They've never met Isaac and Jake was a toddler when they last saw him. After lunch with the Kim and Ken we'll head back up to Seattle.


Martha said...

looks like a good time is being had by all! TFS!

Gina Grace said...

I'm just enjoying the mental image of the boys wrapped up like a China salad plate... Somehow I don't think they'd stand for that.