Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Super funny blog that may be offensive to most with children, but made me laugh....I'm assuming she's joking???

Learned how to take blood pressure yesterday. Everyone in my section of the lab raised their hands, ever so perfectly, when asked who has done this before. I was the only one who did not raise her hand in best student fashion. So the teacher pulled me aside to practice on her, stethoscope, tubes, little balls to pump up air and me with only two hands, sweating and bright red in embarrassment because I had the valve open and couldn't pump up the cuff...then I pumped it too hard and got it above 220 and she grimaced....lots of 'I'm so sorry"'s later, I finally got her blood pressure, then we took mine, 150/102....yeah, I did feel like passing out.

But the good news is I did get lots of practice in, and let lots of people practice on me...then came home and practiced on hubby.....and now that I finally know how to juggle the stuff, I'm feeling better at it and it's kind of cool to hear that first heart beat sound.

We also took patient histories....I played a newly divorced after 6 months of marriage 56 year old who smokes two packs a day. My partner played a 20 something who drinks vodka daily and has had 10 partners over the last year. We had to write up possible educational scenarios and diagnosis for each other...that was kind of fun.......and my partner was gooood, she even got all angry at me when I asked the questions so I had to learn how to diffuse.....Hopefully, those many many years of various customer service positions will come in handy.

Feeling so over my head in this! But then, if I already knew it all, I'd be a nurse already and not in school to become one...right? right?


Colleen Dobson said...

And some day you can be Nurse Surly because you've done it 10 million times! Way to push the outside of the envelope!

Gina Grace said...

I think you should have tried to set up both of your role-play characters. They both sound like they know how to have a good time... And age is nothing but a number, right?

Just promise me you won't be one of those nurses who takes your blood pressure and says, without facial expression, "116/50" And then leaves.

Having had no previous need or desire to study numbers associated with blood pressure, I have NO idea what is "normal" so I always kind of wonder- if its not bad, why even tell me? Or tell me, then have the common sense to recall that most people need a "that's normal" after a set of seemingly arbitrary numbers. (can you tell I just went to the doctor's office and this is fresh on my mind?)