Wednesday, August 08, 2007

check out really funny l&d nurse she posted my l&d stories and a bunch of funnier ones then mine....sometimes other people's lives can make yours seem so much more tame.


Dodi said...

You're right, that nurse is hilarious! I read your birth stories. I also had a 4th degree tear, but with my first one. Remind me next time I see you to tell you my "apres tear" conversation with my OB. He cracks me up.

tz said...

i LOVE birth stories so would love to hear it...I want to eventually do L&D....after I had my nazi nurse i figured i could probably do it least i hope!

Martha said...

Hey, we can form a "4th Degree" club...been there/tore that is our motto?

Seriously, have you seen the melons my boys sport? Of course I tore from here to there!