Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Big Dig

And yes, coming in and out, in and out with three boys (including hubby in the count) can create a mess of coats, gloves and wet clothes....lucky me.

Big Dig...And I don't mean in Boston....Our neighbors are great though and helped us with their snow blower and some guy down the street with a plow helped make a path in the road to get to the outer portions of the subdivision.

Is it Santa? No, just Jake, playing AGAIN in the snow.

We had time to make snow caves. And yes, my hubby is a kid at heart.
Oh, and I was able to bake like 6 dozen cookies then I took in a couple episodes of the first season of first Netflix rental. Still in my jammies too (did raise some eyebrows when I went out in them to take pictures---oh well)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey, I had to laugh at your first picture. For a moment I thought you came to our house and photographed our front entryway. Ours looked just the same including coats and things hanging from the closet doors. What in the world are you doing getting up at 4 am.? Is this a regular thing for you?
Stay warm and dry.
Ho! Ho! Ho!

tz said...

yup four is a regular thing for me...sometimes I sleep in to 6, insommnia sucks.

Colleen Dobson said...

OK - it's bugging the heck out of me. At the end credits of House, there's an old movie quote, "that's some bad hat Harry" - what's it from!?! Driving me crazy.

Martha said...

Colleen: Googled it for you, Jaws. Brody's line.

Now, having never seen Jaws, have no idea who Brody is, I'd not have had a clue. Gotta love my pal Google!

Anonymous said...

Wow all the snow!! Glad we are in Indiana but no white Christmas for us. In fact it has been quite warm around here. Like the picture of Jason in the snow!!
Talk to you later