Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Weird Husband

The kids are asleep, Jason and I are watching Law and Order, Hannah is laying on the other half of the couch.
Jason says, "It smells like corn chips" so he picks up Hannah's foot and smells it. "Hannah's feet smell like corn chips, here smell" and he pulls her foot toward my nose. She looks over her shoulder at us with a "humans are so weird" look.
I say, "I'm not going to smell it, I believe you"
smell it
smell it
no, that's gross
come on come on, smell it
are you kidding me, now you sound like a freak

He realizes he sounds like a freak and proceeds to tickle me
I tell him "I'm going to blog this"


Martha said...

That's definetly one for the blog! And I'm sort of thinking, for a dog to smell like corn chips, that's not so bad, right?

But more than likely, I"m guessing JayZ was hungry for corn chips (or looking for an excuse to pick on you).

I'm guessing we'll know that's the case when he announces "hannah's feet smell like hot buttered popcorn!". Snack time!

Colleen Dobson said...

corn chips -hmmm - has she been wearing her leather pumps in the summer with no socks again?

Lisaopolis said...

I've always been wary of people who lick dog's noses or sniff their feet, although corn chips would not be a bad thing for dog's feet to smell like. That is a hillarious TV viewing moment.

tz said...

i think it's pretty amazing what some people ARE willing to lick

Angelo said...

actually every dog I ever had, their feet smelled like popcorn butter..... Its actually the only part on their entire body that they sweat from, and thats why they smell like that.... so the answer is : No your husband is not weird, you all are the weird ones for being so ignorant to the special things around you.