Thursday, December 21, 2006

'nother blizzard update

Jake and Hannah enjoying the snow, although a bit hard to get around, and get back up when the dog knocks you down.
Hannah REALLY enjoyed herself out there.
Ok, I just thought it was cute with the snow caught on his eyelashes.
Zac, did NOT want snow caught in his eyelashes so he's wearing swimming goggles, and yes it looks night time, but it's only 5 pm in this picture. almost 5pm 6:30 am this morning

We're only supposed to get another 5 inches or so. The storm is slowing down and moving into Kansas/Nebraska. I forgot which channel I heard this on last night, but it looks like this storm is only going to rank 5th or so in Colorado blizzard history. Number one was sometime at the beginning of the 1900's.


tz said...

hey martha, i bet you didn't realize that those goggles you gave out for a party favor in august would be used as blizzard gear in december....

Martha said...

I was just thinking that myself: I recognize those goggles. Perfect for snow, because with real water they leak! :) Note to self: clearance from the dollar spot= really cheap stuff! :)

Snow Much Fun...and me? I left my camera on last night and thus have a dead battery. Hope she charges up fast. Oh who am I kidding; this stuff ain't going anywhere for awhile!

Love Love Love the commenting conversations that occur on our blogs!

Martha said...

Oh, and Hannah, you get bigger by the day! By Christmas eve, you'll resemble a pony. Hey, what a great idea, put a saddle on her and trick Pony Girl? :)!

Colleen Dobson said...

Excellent action shot of the little pony by the way!