Saturday, December 30, 2006

Before the Storm

For Jake's seventh birthday (back in July) our neighbor, Tom, promised Jake a ride on his Harley. Well he didn't press it, out of respect for my maternal (this is a freakin' bad idea) feelings BUT, Jake has a great memory for these things and when Tom pulled out the motorcycle, Jake reminded all of us of said promise. And I gritted my teeth and let it happen. Jake LOVED it.


Martha said...

WOW! Glad my things didn't see this entry. Even though we've got such a critter in our garage (not a Harley), they have been told they can't ride a motorcycle until they are 46 as that's how old Dad was when he got his first ride. Naive as they are, they believe us! Also, my hubby SO doesn't need to see this picture. Depressed doesn't begin to describe his state of mind when it comes to his beloved Maria! (not you of course, tell JZ not to worry, he's in love with another Maria)

tz said...

this maria ain't gettin' anyone jealous, however dom's maria makes jason very envious!