Saturday, December 23, 2006

I should be cooking.....

I told Jason I wanted the George Forman Grill where you can change the 'face' and it can be a waffle maker, press, grill he looks it up on (and I'm only half kidding it's some website w/ geek in the name) and yells to me in the kitchen "hey, honey do you want the one that you can plug into the computer and you can get online from ANYWHERE and set it up to cook whatever you want'

'um NO'
'really, because I think that's pretty cool'
'of course you do'

Anyhow, he took the kiddos to the movies and I'm busy cooking away getting ready for tomorrow's shindig. Here's the menu, I'm so excited, half the fun of these get togethers is the menu planning....ok, yes, I love cooking and the planning of the cooking and the eating of what's been cooked, I just love food.
two different kids of chutney
escalloped potatoes
sweet potatoes with pecan topping
fresh green beans with feta and a vinaigrette
German style cucumbers
spinach and strawberry salad
creamed onions
corn bread/sourdough bread/pumpkin bread and biscuits

assortment of cookies
lemon bars
mini pecan pies
pumpkin pie

grilled sausage w/ sweet and sour dipping sauce
brie, baked in pastry w/ apricot filling served w/ pears and crackers
shrimp platter

then we do a dirty Santa gift exchange
and fun is had by all....can't wait and hope I get it all done!

ok, back to the kitchen for me.

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