Wednesday, December 20, 2006




Yeah, my list, ain't happening today, as a matter of fact I have my jammies on and I'm eating my turkey hummus sandwich and drinking my hot tomato soup. The kids are watching cartoons and drinking hot cocoa. I had such grand plans too. I made it to Colleen's and dropped the kiddos off, slowly made my way to the dentist's office, thankfully within a couple of miles of here. I would like to say right now I DON'T CARE IF IT'S AN SUV, IT WILL STILL SLIDE ON ICE! SLOW THE HECK DOWN! Got my crown, relatively painless. The office does overlook a busy intersection, with a couple of hills feeding into it and every so often you could hear the hygienist yell, although only those of us in the office could hear her, "You can do it honey, ooooh, no...ok, U-turn okay" and then she would break out in song, 'slip slidin' away'. Very entertaining. I got out of the parking lot ok, made it to the Safeway parking lot and got stuck before I even parked, so changed my mind. Went and picked up the kids because I figured if I waited much longer I wouldn't be able to get them. Then got stuck at the corner at Colleen's the middle of the intersection, spent half an hour rocking back and forth trying to get it to go, but no luck. Pull the kids out of the car go to Colleen's front door, call Jason, who is home. Colleen tries not to laugh too hard. Another car gets stuck in intersection, so we push my car and ended up on the curb, but I figured it was parked 'enough' and her car parked too....I suspect that Colleen is going to have a lot of cars parked in front of her house, that's a BAD corner. The boys, Jason and I walk home. And now I'm emailing to say....I'm not doing another damn thing today! Well except take more pictures outside my front door and post them.


Martha said...

We're all snuggled up on the couch, with the fire glowing and getting ready to start a Santa Clause marathon. I love me a good blizzard!

Colleen Dobson said...

Normally I love a good blizzard too, so am I that far behind that I can't enjoy? Is it that we don't have any Santa Movies? We made cookies and will frost them tomorrow. Maybe that will rekindle my spirit.

Martha said...

Um, hello've got a new baby in da house! doesn't matter if she's got paws. You are still the new momma: with sleepless nights, potty training woes and new pup checks and immuniations. I so didn't like that blizzard back in '97: had me a 3 month old with a husband "stuck" in San Diego and knew NOBODY.

tz said...

oooh now that sucks martha! i loved that blizzard, but it just meant i didn't get to go to a job i hated, i didn't have kids yet....jason was out of town though, in san fran.