Monday, December 04, 2006

That's it I'm sending a letter!

The challenge: Write 5 open letters. People, places, objects, animals. It doesn't matter. Write 5 succinct letters and express what you can't express in person. Strangers? People you'll never see again? People you're afraid to be completely honest with? Corporations? Celebrities? Your sister's cats? Write to 'em.

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I am too young to be using your services AGAIN. Please let the root canal tomorrow be successful and the painkillers plentiful.
FYI your services were last used in my early twenties with the removal of my wisdom teeth. And by the way thanks for the percocet at that time, so much better then a quarter.

Dearest Jose
You are a great brother, stay safe out there in the mid-east doing the things you're not allowed to tell us you're doing.
Your older and wiser sister

To the Citibank Customer Service Rep in India:
I don't care if your name is Buffy, you can't speak English and I DID NOT read the letter incorrectly.
Former US Customer Service Rep who never told the customer she was an idiot.

Dear Stork,
So sorry you won't be making any more visits here, but thanks for the short people in the house, I'm really enjoying them.

Dearest Darling Jason
You were right...just not telling you about what or when
love you
your devoted wife


Gina said...

Oh, Oh, Oh... I loved your letters. Every one of them. I'm going to have to snag this idea for my blog. Say hi to your short people. Just thinking about them makes me laugh.

Martha said...

Sadly, there will come a day when those short people aren't so short. But, you'll still have Hannah. She'll always be your little toddler/preschooler! :)
And tooth fairy, go away...we don't need your kind in our neighborhood...